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A Steady Step towards Future

27th Nov 2017

A school is a second home for a child. He or she spends quite a large portion of time in school on a regular basis; therefore, it has be a best place in order to secure a child’s future. Today’s educated child is a responsible citizen of tomorrow.

Colchester High School is an independent co-educational school which is owned and operated by Cognita group. It offers top-class secondary education. It was a girl’s school from the time of inception but with passing time and with growing importance of co-education, it opened its gates for boys also. One can find quality education and all round development here, in this school.

Importance of High School:

High school plays a very important role in building confidence into children. With passing years they learn new things and learn to cope up with the adversities in life. If the school support its students during their hard times and not so good days, the pupils start to rely on their school and teachers. “Adolescence” is one of the most tumultuous phases in a child’s life; during this phase help from teachers is mandatory. Help from teachers in this time will consequently shape-up a firm personality in future. School is indeed the basic foundation in a child’s life.

Colchester High School:

You if are a parent and is looking for a good high school for your child, your search ends right here. The school preaches the motto of “God First, Others Second, Self-Last” which is incredible. It is one of the notable schools in terms of co-curriculum as well. The school has got four different houses namely: Norman, Saxons, Romans and Danes. Each house has got its house captains and they take part in sports and other extra-curricular activities in accordance to their respective houses.

The school takes part in many sports such as Rugby, Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball and Badminton. The students actively take part in sports. The school not only focuses on education but also, encourages the student for all round development so that they can excel in any field they want to take up in future. The education system of this school is structured in such a way that it gives ample opportunities to the students to hone their skills in their own desired field as well. In this age of competition, being an all-rounder counts the most.

A friendly atmosphere but good discipline is what a high school should aim at. A high school is a place where a kid turns into adolescent and then an adult therefore, a child witnesses many changes during his or her high school phase. Teachers are better known as guides and it is their responsibility to look after the pupils of the school. If you have selected Colchester High School for your kid, you will be more than happy with their education system and the way they boost all-round development of each and every student of their school. Happy high schooling to your precious!

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