Dealing with Job Loss in the UK

27th Jul 2015

Within the first few weeks of losing your job, you will need to do a lot of work, almost as if you worked full time. During the course of their life, everyone at some point or another goes through job […]

Top summer dates for kids

15th Jul 2015

Turbine Festival The vast temple of high culture that is the turbine hall at Tate Modern becomes a giant arty playground for a day of events including performances, artists’ commissions and drop-in how-to events. Tate Modern, SE1 (, July 25, […]

How To Find The Best Flooring For Your Home

14th Jul 2015

Flooring is a key element in any home, seeing as it literally makes up the ground that people walk on. It’s one of those choices that people really struggle with, especially those who are building their first home, because there […]

Life being a ‘Bingoholic’

10th Jul 2015

Among the millions of players out there I am proud to call myself a ‘Bingoholic’ because as a youngster two years ago I used to be a crazy bingo fan, hopping into bingo halls with my friends and playing to […]