Should schools test our children’s fitness?

30th Oct 2015

Compulsory testing misses the point of fostering an environment where children should be encouraged to be active daily Sir, While Sir Liam Donaldson, the Chief Medical Officer, is to be applauded for drawing attention to children’s health and wellbeing, his […]

Why Online Casinos Are So Popular

29th Oct 2015

So, you like to gamble. Don’t worry, we won’t judge. Everybody has to have their own hobbies, and whether or not it’s for stress relief or just for entertainment, no one activity is better than the other. Though some people […]

Electrical Safety First

16th Oct 2015

Whilst it’s sometimes a lot easier to bring in a professional like Fixmatic Electric to do the job, some homeowners prefer DIY to get their home improvements done. However, this often means they are taking massive risks that most people […]

20 best family festivals in Britain

16th Oct 2015

Port Eliot, Cornwall Originally a literary festival in the grounds of a stately home near Saltash, Port Eliot has expanded to include music (this year Andrew Weatherall and the Doves), chefs, designers and performers as well as authors. Last year […]

Bedroom Storage: The Cheat Sheet

14th Oct 2015

Having an organized home is achievable. Even if you throw in a life partner and a rambunctious child with a knack for messing up every space he gets into, maintaining a clean and orderly home can still be done. All […]