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3 Books You Need To Buy For Your Bathroom

1st Aug 2016

The bathroom is where you wash, clean your teeth, do your ‘business’ and at times, procrastinate.

Growing up, we would have a magazine rack in the bathroom full with newspapers, crossword puzzles and magazines and it made me wonder if people still sit on the toilet and do some light reading.


I imagine, that with the rise of the smartphone, that people nowadays just browse their social feed when going number two but these three books are about to change all of that.

  1. The Ultimate Bathroom Book – Peter Hirsch and Richard Forsyth

With a name like The Ultimate Bathroom Book, you’d expect it to be full of facts, stats, bathrooms from around the world, world records and cool imagery. And, you’d be completely right! In fact, I’ve yet to see a book trump (sorry, I had to!) this one in terms of how crammed it is with information and it’s a really fun and entertaining read for all the family. Because of it’s bright colours and engaging graphics, it gets better page by page.

  1. Guinness World Records 2016

Personally, I’ve been collecting the Guinness World Record books since I was about 12 because they never fail to amaze me with their content and some of the whacky things people do to get a bit of recognition. From the world’s fastest toilet through to the world’s largest paper bag, there is a world record for almost everything. This is why you’ve got to have it in your bathroom because regardless of how many times you visit the bathroom and pick this book up, you’ll always find a new record you haven’t read about before.

  1. Bathroom Guest Book – Knock Knock

Similarly to a wedding Guest Book, you must sign this book every time you visit the bathroom. This is an absolutely brilliant (and hilarious) idea for a family that have a light-hearted humour. On each page there are sections for date/time of visit, a bathroom doodle section and a song that best describes this bathroom visit, to name but a few.  Once you tot-up a dozen or so visits to the bathroom among your family and friends, the contents of this guest book will be comedy gold! Honestly, if you don’t have this book in your life, you need to go and buy it now.

So, it’s time to put down the phone and pick up a book to enjoy a giggle or two whilst you’re sat on the porcelain or relaxing in some bubbles and there is no better place to start than with these 3 editorial diamonds.

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