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5 Budget Friendly Ways to Organize Your Home

3rd May 2013

When you start organizing your home, it’s tempting to want to want to go out and spend money at the nearest fancy container store. However, those fancy containers often cost more than the items that are going in them. Instead of spending money on containers, here are some budget friendly ways to finally get organized.

Take Inventory


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Stores have to do this about twice a year and you should too. Go around and pick up everything you think you want. The act of touching it makes you think about it. Ask yourself if you really need it and when was the last time you used it. If you can’t think of a good answer to both of these questions, then get rid of it.

Make Use of Your Boxes


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Every home has some kind of boxes. Whether they are clear boxes, cardboard boxes or some other kind of box, they can be repurposed into useful and attractive boxes. If the boxes themselves are not very attractive, they can be covered in fabric, wrapping paper or paint. Once you decide what goes in the box, take a picture of it and attach it to the outside of the box. This will help remind you of what’s in the box and keeps you from adding anything else to the box. You can surely find some great uses for extra boxes by checking out the US Storage Search News blog, as it’s constantly updating with intresting content.

Make Flat Surfaces Focal Points


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The danger of a flat surface is it becomes a cluttered surface very quickly. You can help eliminate this tendency by turning your flat surfaces into focal points. A simple bowl filled with candy or even marbles next to another decorative element you already have, like a lamp, will quickly focus your eye on that flat surface. Because it is so beautiful, you will be hesitant to put anything else on that surface.



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Items with sentimental value can be the hardest things to get rid of. However, some of the biggest clutters in our lives come from the things we can’t bear to part with. If your sentimental item is a ticket stub, a program or some other flat paper item, consider putting them into a scrapbook for easy organization and viewing later. You can also scan these items into the computer and create a scrapbook online. This allows you to get rid of the actual items. Memorabilia made out of cloth can be turned into a decorative quilt.

Keep Your Home Clean


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One of the easiest ways to organize your home is to keep it clean. Papers, keys and any kind of clutter should be put away in decorative boxes. Books can be artfully stacked and tastefully arranged with accessories. As for things that you haven’t used in a while, it may be time to stack them away in neat carton boxes in the attic. Better yet, consider hiring companies like Jubel Moving & Storage ( who can arrange storage space as well as move your things to the space for you at a small cost. This way, you can ensure that your things are stored safely, and rest easy because you can get them back anytime you need. Besides that, a spotless floor and clean walls makes the whole room look clean, open and uncluttered. Best of all, this way of organizing doesn’t cost a thing.

Organizing your home doesn’t have to take money. Instead, it takes creativity and a strong desire to make it work. Look around your home and repurpose the things you already have. Above all, keeping your home clean is the true secret to busting clutter on a budget.

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