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An Australian Holiday When You Are Pregnant

13th Nov 2014

If you think about it, if you are pregnant for the first time, you may seriously want to consider a nice holiday before your new bundle of joy arrives. You do not know when you and your partner will be able to go away again, just the two of you! So it is worthwhile going on a special holiday and appreciating the time alone together that you can get as these moments will be all too few in the not too distant future. Australia is a great holiday destination and has lots to offer the modern tourist. There is a great ocean road stay that you can go to or you can take a look at other resorts for more options so you can daydream and browse to your heart’s content. With a multi-ethnic population, you get a real cosmopolitan feel in the larger towns and cities. This all adds to the unique charm that Australia has to offer and not only is the food and people great, but you also get some great weather as well to enhance the terrific scenery and wildlife which is unique to this large island.


Travelling to Australia

If you are in the very early stages of your pregnancy, then there is no problem for you to fly. However, in the later stages, you may need medical permission to fly, before an airline will accept you on the plane. In some cases, if you are too far along they may refuse you aboard entirely. In any event, it is worthwhile consulting your doctor and getting a check-up before you go no matter at what stage of your pregnancy you are. If you do get the green light to travel whilst you’re expecting, you might want to consider getting a baby badge for yourself. Traveling in a public transport system such as an airplane might be hectic, and the badge might help you to feel more at ease (about you and your baby) as it makes it easy for commuters to recognize that a woman is pregnant. You might want to search ‘How To Get A Baby On Board Badge from Transport for London‘ online to know the procedure to get your hands on this product or something similar. That said, going to Australia is a long-haul flight which means that you will be flying for some time. You may wish to consider a stopover on the way rather than a direct flight. This breaks up the journey for a bit and allows you to stretch your legs for a few hours. As an airplane is air-conditioned, this leads to dehydration so you need to make sure that you drink a lot of water while you are on the plane. Comfortable clothing and footwear are also essential and good shoes will make the trip that many bits more comfortable. When you are sat in your seat, take your shoes and socks off, make sure you get up now and then and just walk around the plane as this is good to get your circulation going. If you can sleep then this will help with the journey as well.

plane sleep

Weather and Clothing

Depending on where in Australia you are going and also the time of year, will dictate on the clothing that you will need to take. There is a large selection of maternity wear available in Australia so you can even come with a half-empty suitcase and then do some shopping for suitable clothes when you get there. Or you could opt to go hassle-free and find affordable maternity clothes online by Bump Baby and Beyond. If you are there during the warmer summer months, then make sure that you get lighter clothing made of 100% cotton as this will help to keep you cool. Certain parts of Australia can get cold and also very wet, so you will need to research the area that you are visiting and check the potential weather at that time of year. Comfortable and practical is a must, especially if you are traveling a lot.

Insecticides and Medication

You will need to consult your doctor before you travel and let them know where you are going. They will then be able to tell if you require any vaccinations and also recommend things like bug repellent which are safe for a pregnant woman to use. Be careful when you are using any medication abroad whether it is over the counter or prescription, always read the instructions carefully and also the warnings issued with it as well. Make sure that you take full medical insurance when you travel as well, you may need to disclose that you are pregnant but at least you will be covered in the event that you require medical assistance. The Australian health care system is excellent and has some of the world’s best doctors in their fields.

The Food

With such a rich diversity of different nationalities, Australia has a wide variety of food to cater for every palate. You will find lots of traditional foods that you may recognize and then there are a lot of Australian versions of foods as well, where they put their own unique twist on a traditional dish. There is a lot of seafood on offer as well with so much of the population living on the edges of the continent. There is food for all tastes on offer in Australia and you are sure to find something which gets your taste buds watering. Australia is a great holiday destination and is a perfect place to enjoy with your partner before you have your new addition in your life and your priorities change. Go on, do it while you can and enjoy yourself!

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