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Are You Having Problems with Slow Broadband?

1st Feb 2013

Many of us suffer from a slow internet connection without really being sure why this is. Broadband speed baffles many of us and we never know what our actual speed is. Well, thanks to BT we no longer have to feel so helpless. You can check your broadband speed any time of the day or night.

It’s so frustrating when everyone in the house is on the internet at the same time for a number of different reasons. Before you know it there’s not enough broadband to go around and it starts to slow down. Broadband speed is measured in megabytes per second, or MB for short. It is this measurement that you want to look at in order to make sure everyone in the house is happy and surfing the net at a decent speed.

How can I investigate the problem myself?

There are different sites you can visit to test your broadband speed. My personal favorite is the BT broadband speed site at It’s quick, simple, and easy to understand. Frankly, I don’t have time to use all these other sites that use internet jargon to answer my questions. I don’t understand many of the technical terms and just need something quick and simple to test my speed on. With this site, you can test your speed for uploading and downloading, and you don’t even need to be with BT to use it.

When I first started looking at my broadband speed, I didn’t understand what it was all about. Before, I used to simply google whats my speed and evaluate the results each time. I did not quite understand most of the metrics and preferred a simpler option. By using the BT website, I soon started to understand that I was attempting to do too much for my broadband usage. The site helps to set your expectations if you’re paying for 10GB or 40GB usage. With a 40GB monthly allowance, you can access so much more than you can with a 10GB monthly allowance. For example, you could conceivably download 56 movies compared to 14 or 10,000 songs compared to 2,500.

If you’re unhappy with the speed of your broadband, like I was, you can use this site to effectively understand how to get a better speed. You can get download speeds of up to 76Mb, which is brilliant news for those of us with teens clogging up the broadband. You can also try using nextlink internet for high-speed internet.

If you’re unsure if you have the right broadband usage and broadband speed, check out the link above and see for yourself what you could be achieving.

For more information and independent customer reviews of BT broadband please visit Britain Reviews.

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