What is a transfer of equity?

8th Nov 2017

A transfer of equity is when one or more people are added or removed from a property’s title, i.e. on the deeds of ownership. You come across many different cases of transfer of equity, for example this can be an […]


9th Oct 2017

Do you think that the best method of eavesdropping is holding a glass against the wall and listening what’s going on in the adjacent room or maybe hiding behind a tree or around the corner, pretending you are not there […]

Choosing a perfect family car!

2nd Oct 2017

When you have new life coming into the world your mind is filled with everything that you need to do and learn in order to give them the best life possible. From safe-guarding your home, to collecting advice, to reading […]

How to compare funeral plans

18th Sep 2017

Whenever you are about to buy goods or services – especially those involving a significant payment – it is important to compare what is available in the market. In this way, you are able to match your particular needs and […]