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Combining the Great Outdoors with Home Comforts: Welcome to the World of Glamping

15th Oct 2016

If you like the great outdoors but may sometimes wish that camping was a little bit more like home and all the creature comforts you enjoy there, then glamping might be the solution.

Packing all of your camping equipment into the back of a car like a Jeep Compass might be a breeze, but perhaps you might prefer the idea of traveling light and heading off to a destination where a nice bed awaits you, together with hot running water amongst other things.

Camping just got glamorous

Glamping is a luxury camping trend that is soaring in popularity as more people become attracted to enjoying what the great outdoors has to offer, combined with all of the comforts that you can miss so much when you pitch your tent and inflate your camp bed.

What glamping offers, is the chance to appreciate what it is like to be closer to nature and sleep under the stars, which is the allure of camping to many, but with glamping rather than camping, you get the same experience but can relax in comfortable surroundings and even enjoy a hot shower before heading off to a bed that is much more inviting than the traditional camping alternative.

Attracting old campers

What glamping is managing to do is attract a number of people who tried to get to grips with camping at some point in the past, but couldn’t cope with such basic facilities and trying to keep the rain out of their tent. They can again give it a shot, however, by taking some assistance from the experts in this field. There are things that come naturally to some people while some struggle learning them. In the latter case, taking guidance and learning from past mistakes can prove helpful. If you want to take some guidance to start again, look what I found for you!

But people who are done with their share of trials with camping and looking for a cozier alternative, can try glamping. What glamping does is to reignite that fire and desire to travel to exotic and unusual locations and stay in venues that offer the sort of views and natural experience that most hotels simply can’t offer.

The other obvious attraction of glamping is the fact that you can enjoy a premium level of luxury, certainly in camping terms, but the cost of these facilities will normally be less than you would spend checking into a hotel of equal comfort.

Glampers can therefore get the best of both worlds, by getting the chance to be at one with nature, enjoy most of your usual creature comforts, and spend less on your vacation than you would if you were staying at a resort hotel.

Top glamping destinations

There are many enticing glamping destinations to consider and the list is growing all the time as new venues are added to cater for the increasing number of glampers.

If you are looking to immerse yourself in the glamping experience, some destinations to consider include the Yurt Village at Falling Waters Resort in North Carolina, where you can go white water rafting and explore the area, before returning to a large comfortable bed and a view over the lake.

The Ranch at Rock Creek Montana, offers a choice of glamping accommodation, and even gives you access to some restaurant options for dining on the ranch. If you head to Sequoia High Sierra Camp, which is in the King’s Canyon National Park in California, you will find a facility that personifies what glamping is all about, as you get to spend the night in an isolated part of the park, in a fairly basic canvas tent, but one that contains luxurious bedding and furniture.

If you love the great outdoors but miss your usual comforts, glamping could be just what you are looking for.

Adam Baker recently took the family on their first glamping holiday, and is pleased to announce it was a success! Keen to share his travel experiences with an online audience, Adam writes for a range of parenting and travel sites.


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