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Dating when you’re a parent isn’t easy

29th Mar 2014

Let’s face it, dating isn’t easy, even if you are young free and single, it’s pretty hard work. Add a kid or two to the mix and all of a sudden dating becomes almost impossible, and an all too familiar pastime…or does it? So ok, dating as a single mum or dad is tricky, there’s probably lots of questions racing around your head, like if you do meet someone special when do you tell them you’re a parent? And when do you let your new partner meet your children? Before you get overwhelmed with questions that don’t need to be answered just yet, relax and remember dating is supposed to be fun! Just start by going out and meeting people.



Meeting People


Before you can start dating, you need to meet someone attractive, someone that makes your heart race, your palms sweaty and your mouth smile. You could just sit back and wait for them to come to you, but where’s the fun in that-enjoy the chase! Question is, where can you find someone new?


Bars and Clubs are one of the best ways to meet single people. The one place pretty much guaranteed to be packed of single men and women is a popular club on a Saturday night, especially a club with a 2 for 1 drinks deal, so why not grab a mate and go along yourself. Put on your favourite outfit, maybe spray on a bit of enticing perfume or something like True Pheromones to take your attraction quotient a notch higher. Go to the bar, dance, drink, and chat to anyone that catches your eye. Opening your mind and saying yes to more experiences is exciting, and putting yourself in as many social situations as you can means you meet more people, maybe meeting the one!


If you can’t get out every Saturday night, then you might struggle to meet people by socialising, so why not try something new. Lots of people are using online dating as a way of meeting new people, sites like, have never been more popular than they are now. Single people love online dating, partly because there are loads of people to meet and partly because most of them offer really useful dating advice that help you to meet people and give you advice to get you through that first date, has some excellent advice on finding true love.





When you’ve got kids to look after it’s difficult to find the time to spend dating, which obviously then makes it difficult to build a relationship with anyone you do meet. You can try to spend time together around your children, like a lunch date while your kid is at school or a romantic evening together if your kid is with their grandparents, but sometimes this doesn’t feel like enough. When you can’t be together, why not use the wonders of technology to send your new guy or gal messages, or chat to them online to make it feel like you’re together even when you’re not, and just to remind them you’re missing them.


Honestly is even more important when you are a single parent dating, everyone needs to know where they stand and what their role is, that way nobody gets confused and there are no arguments. If you know you’re not going to get to spend much time with your new partner or that you don’t want your new partner to play ‘parent’ to your child, you need to tell them from the start.



It isn’t selfish to want to find love and it isn’t impossible either, at we believe you should never give up on trying to find someone perfect for you.

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