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Designing Your Home Using Perfectly Arranged Flowers

21st Oct 2016

Say you have just been able to get your own place and you are ready to decorate it. You have bought the furniture, appliance, little fixtures, and so forth. All you really need to do is to put them all in place. You have a general idea of where each piece should go, and looking at your home right now, it seems to be going well. But you find that it lacks a bit of life into it. If you read design tips online, some designers would often tell you to invite nature into your home by bringing in plants and flowers in. Often, they suggest growing your own flowers and cutting them just before they bloom. Of course, your new garden may be in need of services offering “landscaping Red Deer” or wherever you might be, but as soon as those flowerbeds are in place, you’ll have rows of flowers at your disposal. This adds that much needed vigour into your home.


In Australia, Melbourne to be exact, people there are now shifting to a more greener home wherein they with more plants and flowers. Most of them grow their own flowers, some buy fresh flowers online in Melbourne.

A lot of people these days are up for traditional bouquet giftings and floral home decorations. The demand for floral deliveries is fast increasing in several parts of Melbourne’s suburbs. Glen Waverley, for example, has one of Melbourne’s greatest concentrations of people with Chinese ancestors. According to them, floral arrangements can bring about a relaxing and calming tone to your living space. So let’s see how we can use flowers for beautiful indoor decorations.

Botanical Bunting

Who does not want hanging flowers on their patio or window sills? You can choose vibrant and fragrant flowers like orchids to give life to a room. Place them, preferably, where there is heavy traffic or where a lot of people go to like the living room. Hang them by the window, atop your fireplace, in the middle of the room, or by the lanai or patio door.

Varying degrees of height

One of the ways to make your flower arrangements look unique is cutting their stems in different heights. The most popular arrangement is long-stem flowers kept in the middle of the vase, surrounded by short-stemmed ones. You can play with colours and different kinds of flowers for this. You can have this as a centrepiece in the living room or the dining area. If you have a smaller vase, this is also perfect on your bedside table.

Odd numbered centrepiece

Some people think “going even” is always the way to go. In most cases, it is better than odd-numbered designs. It seems a bit incomplete doesn’t when it is odd, right? For flowers, that is not always the case. When you are working on an arrangement, or if you can Google some now, you will see odd-numbered flower centrepieces that look unique and incredible. It is only a matter of choosing the right flowers and colour combination to work with.

Be random about mixing and matching

Thinking too hard on the arrangement might make your job harder. In fact, some would blast music and let their eyes and hands do all the work for them. Do not be scared to be random when mixing and matching flowers. Just let it happen and see if the design makes sense. You best believe that some of the arrangements you see displayed in stores were done this way.

Buy awesome containers

Make sure the containers you get for your flowers not only complement the arrangement, but also the overall look of the room it is going to be in. Containers can range from elegant long-nosed vase to artsy mason jars. Depending on the theme of your design, always be on the lookout for great looking flower containers.

Choosing flowers for the rooms in your house can be difficult. But to avoid design complications, base your decisions on the theme you used for each room. If you are going vintage, make sure to choose flowers and containers which matches that theme. It really is all about knowing your combinations. Honestly, the best of them went through countless trial and error rounds, so do not hesitate to experiment on your own.

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