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Finding the Right Nanny

23rd Sep 2015

Having had some bad luck in the past with fly by night housekeepers, you are finally ready to acquire a full time nanny. But finding a nanny agency that is right for you can be trickier than you might think. Like any other endeavor in life, thorough research into the completion of your task well only aid in the reaching of your goals, in this case to find the right nanny. A nanny agency is the best choice as they will have access to a host of qualified nannies with different traits. They will also have run their own employment screening such as drug tests (perhaps via Health Street or a similar company) in order to prove their candidates are appropriate for the role. Some of these nannies will suit your needs and some will not. It is the job of the agency to place an appropriate nanny with appropriate qualities and qualifications with your household. This saves you a lot of trouble and a lot of wasted time weeding through applicants. Let the experience and expertise of the agency guide you through the process and give you peace of mind.


Verifying the many credentials of a potential nanny can be an exhaustive process as there are many aspects to consider. Of course firstly you want to make sure all the information presented to you about the nanny’s identity, employment history, and educational background is legitimate first and foremost. Then there is the question of appropriate credentials and licenses as well as driving record. Another consideration is a local and international criminal background check. All these checks can be exhaustive, time consuming, and extremely costly to perform on your own. Fortunately, using a nanny agency eliminates all of this exhaustive research on your part if you choose an agency with as much fervor for finding the right people as you yourself have.



Even though you decided to go with a trusted agency such as Go Au Pair, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do any interviewing. Of course, before you select any nanny to interview you will go through the agency’s thorough screening process and will only be presented with top quality candidates that have the potential to fit your needs. But another consideration is that before you even select an agency, you have to interview the agency to be sure it is the right agency for you and your needs.

One of the key questions to ask a potential agency is something about how long it generally takes to actually have a nanny placed with you. A long lay over time is inconvenient and unappealing. Another important aspect you need to know about your agency is the level of support they provide to both households and the nannies themselves. You also need to know how many candidates they are going to allow you to interview yourself before you make a decision. You may fall in love at the first interview, or you might go through four or five and receive no joy whatsoever.


Choosing a nanny is a very important decision which requires serious effort and determination. If not, you will find yourself wishing you had paid more attention during the screening process. With so many factors so easily overlooked, using a nanny agency will streamline the process so that you end up with the perfect nanny.

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