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Home Storage Life-Savers for (Exhausted) Parents

3rd Oct 2016

Parenting can be exhausting. We talk endlessly about the joys of parenthood and the fulfilment we get from seeing and marking the milestones as kids grow. We wouldn’t change those things for the world, even if we could.


But that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy finding shortcuts that make the daily chores go faster, easier or be less tiring.

Home organisation is a task and a half when there are young children around, and it can seem impossible to stay on top of chores and still have time for the good things, like playing, laughing, cuddling and going on outings.

Stylish Hideaways at Home

You can never have too much storage in the house, and practical furniture can help, offering moveable, hidden storage options.

Examples include coffee and side tables for the living room. Some have handy drawers, others have lift-up tops, but they all provide somewhere to stow the TV remote, the charging cables, the gadgets and other small things we have lying around.

Storage chests can be a godsend when it comes to rounding up toys. Antique ones look lovely, but if you plan to use one as a toy box make sure it’s safe for little fingers. Alternatives include pretty, painted cardboard boxes or fabric covered ones that you can coordinate with existing furnishings. Having somewhere to quickly stash toys makes tidying up much quicker, and easier to get kids to help.

In bedrooms, especially children’s rooms, choose furniture that does double duty, such as ottoman style beds with lifting mattresses or cabin beds that offer storage and/or desk space. If you can avoid having separate chests of drawers for clothes, you instantly get more floor space for playing.

Visible, Accessible, Organised

How you store things is as important as where. As a parent, while many of you might rely on storage units (like the ones you can find by browsing, for instance), others simply may build more storage space in the existing rooms to accommodate everything. Toys often have many small parts, and so does adult equipment. Hobby gear, sewing accessories, crafting supplies… all need careful storage and organisation so they’re to hand when they’re needed.

Clear storage tubs are great, being stackable and see-through so you can instantly locate the one you want. Extend the idea for household necessities such as stuff for cleaning, pegs, or small cooking and baking equipment, and you take the stress out of always hunting for what you want. They’re useful in kitchens, kids rooms, home offices, or the garage/workshop, and are neatly stackable on shelves or in cupboards.

Banish the Bygones

Tastes change, needs alter, wants differ.

As the months and years pass our ideas about what’s important changes. And that’s a good thing. Imagine if our ideas about what was important were the same in our forties as it was in our teens?

The trouble is, we hang onto ideals and memories represented by objects long after the object itself has stopped being useful. Own up, who’s still got favourite baby outfits squirrelled away even though the tots are now independently running around?

Often we hold onto things out of habit, or just in case they’re needed, and then there are those precious items that really represent cherished moments.

The kinds of things that fall into this category might be family heirlooms, good condition toys that will one day be collector’s items, seasonal sports gear, equipment or clothes, or items with deeply personal or sentimental values.

These things are perfect for self storage. The storage facilities you see regularly when driving around town are tailor-made for keeping important items secure and safe from damage or loss. The locations are quick and easy to get to and open every day, so there’s never any hassle retrieving anything, anytime you want.

Self-storage is also a handy option when you just want to stow something for a couple of weeks as the terms are short, often just a week at a time. Especially when living in crowded cities like New York, where space is precious, your apartment could easily get cluttered. In that case, having a self-storage option could be immensely helpful. Most NY storage companies have multiple branches too. For example, you could find Storage Post Bronx locations or Brooklyn locations, or another similar one closer to you.

To sum up, the best solutions to most problems are simple and cheap. They’re also often overlooked exactly because they’re so simple. Getting on top of where and how you store things is liberating, making life feel more streamlined, and it gives you a brilliant feeling of being in control.

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