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How to Make Your Baby’s Teething Process Easier

6th May 2020

As a new parent, you would be in awe watching your baby go through the growth process. Every little thing they do interests you. Their laughs, their cries, their babble, and the gurgle and what not. However, when they start to teeth, it may be difficult for you to see your kid go through the teething process. If you are a fresh parent or about to be, you may be asking when do babies start to teeth? Well, you can expect your baby’s first tooth to appear anywhere between 3 to 15 months.

Some babies may experience a few or none of the symptoms like drooling, irritability, lack of sleep, fever, et al while teething. A few babies may not even experience any pain or discomfort during the complete teething process. If they do, whilst you may want to take them to potentially the best dentists in clearwater or the best ones in your local area if preferable. Home remedies may also be a good option as well. Here are some simple tips that can make the teething process of your baby easier that can be done from home!

1. Try giving chilled fruits like apple or banana to your baby.

If your baby has started having solid foods, you can try to relieve the pain by giving a piece of chilled, not frozen, apple or a banana to gnaw on. To prevent your kid from choking you can put the fruit in a mesh feeder. The cold from the fruit will not only soothe your baby but also help to feed him.

2. A simple but chilled metal spoon can also work wonders.

A chilled metal spoon will also do the trick of relieving pain from teething. Simply put a thoroughly cleaned metal in your fridge, once it is chilled gently rub the back of the chill spoon on your baby’s gums.

3. Massage your baby’s gums to relieve the pressure of the teeth coming out.

Another thing that can help with the pain is by applying counter pressure on the gum. Make sure your hand is clean before sitting with your baby, gently move your finger in a circular motion on the gain and massage the gums.

4. Try to soothe the gums with a cold washcloth.

Submerge a clean cloth in water and wring it until it is just damp, next is to keep it in the fridge for a while. Once it is chill enough for your kid to hold on, fold it smaller and give it to your kid to chew on. The cold will numb the gums and relieve the pain. However, do not leave your baby unattended with the cloth as it could be a choking hazard.

5. Give Them lots and lots of cuddles.

Lastly, make sure to give your baby lots of hugs and cuddles. The cuddle with Mom can be the biggest cuddle reliever. Take a chair and sit with your baby, rocking them gently. The comfort of the hug and the quiet is the need for relief for both of you.

Apart from the above, ensure that your baby is clean. You can make your child wear a soft cotton bib to help clean their chin in case of excessive drooling. Make sure to visit your pediatrician, if your kid is showing discomfort throughout the day and nothing relieves them of the teething pain.

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