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How to Throw Your Child an Amazing Birthday Party

28th Apr 2014

If your child’s birthday is coming up, they’re no doubt very excited for their special day. Birthdays are much better when you’re a kid, as the day is so fun filled and magical with lots of treats, presents, games, and attention showering over them. If you’ve promised your child a birthday party this year, then you’re going to want it to live up to their expectations and give them the most magical, fun filled day possible. This post will tell you exactly how to make their day special, so read on to get it spot on:


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Serve Up Their Favourite Food

If your child loves mexican food, then make the food mexican themed! You can serve tortilla chips with dip, fajitas, enchiladas, and more – you should just probably lay off the spice a little for the kids. You could even get your child to take a survey for each child to school, so they can all fill in their own individual preferences. This way, you can try to do a bit of everything to suit every body! You should decorate the table so it looks really fun too, with balloons, party poppers, and other colourful decorations.

Make Sure You Include Lots of Treats

You should also make sure there’s lots of sweet finger food on the table for the kids to enjoy. Often times, kids will skip the sandwiches and go straight to the chocolate, but try to encourage them to have something savory before they have something sweet. You could put out bowls of crisps and popcorn, mini chocolate bars, and even chocolate covered fruit. If you’re feeling brave, you could even have a marshmallow fondue set – but beware of the mess!

Invite All of Their Closest Friends

If your child only truly gets on with 2 or 3 people in the class, then it only makes sense to invite only those people and have a more intimate gathering. Inviting children your child doesn’t get along with is not only going to cost you more money, but could also take some of the specialness away from your child’s day. On the other hand, they might want all the kids from school there – check with them!

Put Together a Great Playlist

What kinds of songs does your child love and listen to? But a great playlist together using them as inspiration, and see if you can get any tips from the other moms. Kids are usually easily pleased when it comes to music, but do your best to make the playlist personalised.

Decide If You’d Like to Hire Any Extras

Can you budget afford a clown, a face painter, or a bounce house? If so, choose one that will suit all the kids and hire away! You can find everything you need online, including inflatable bounce houses for sale.

Come up With Some Party Games (But Not Too Many)

Kids love party games like pass the parcel, however; too many games will mean the party feels too structured and the might get bored or tired. One or two party games is enough to give the party just enough structure.

Your child will be totally in love with their party if you follow this guide – they should be the most popular kid at school for a while, too!

This article is provided by Mark Karnes.

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