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Keeping Children Entertained with Maths Games from Teachit

13th Sep 2016

As every parents knows the summer holidays can seem to drag on endlessly and it can be a real challenge to keep children entertained, especially on days with bad weather. Also having little ones of primary school age mean that as a parent I am especially aware of the fact that the summer is a long break from the classroom, so I wanted to try some activities at home that would keep their minds active but that would still be fun so that they wouldn’t be immediately dismissed by my discerning 7 year old as boring schoolwork.


I decided to try out some of the Maths games from the Teachit Primary website, so that they could keep up with the all-important times tables practice in a more enjoyable way than simply reciting them. We found the range of games on the site really impressive, with plenty of different activities depending on whether you wanted to practise counting, multiplication, fractions etc.  You also have the option of choosing different levels, adding multiple players and other adjustments so that each game can be adapted to suit a range of ages and abilities.

One particular favourite in our house was the bubble game which is free to try even for non-members, and helps you to practice multiples by clicking on the correct bubbles. As children get the hang of the game you can opt to increase the speed and up the numbers to really challenge them, which means they are kept entertained for longer. In our competitive household we kept a score so that the children could challenge each other but also try to beat their own personal best, which was a great motivator.

We will certainly be trying out the TeachIt interactive games again when entertainment is needed on quiet weekends and as an addition to homework- I have my eye on the literacy games next!

Check out the range on the TeachIt primary website:

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