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Must Knows For The Tech Mom

8th Jun 2015

If you’re considering getting your feet wet in technology, you’re in for a treat. You limits are boundless. Technology can be used to visually document your children’s lives as they grow. It can be used to build a website to raise funds if you happen to have a child in need. You could even use the internet as a platform for you or your children’s talents (like Justin Beiber’s mom).

Don’t let this amazing opportunity slip past you for lack of knowledge. Dig in, and learn a few simple techniques that can start you on your way to designing the website of your dreams. It’s really not as hard as it may seem.


Things To Avoid

There are a few things you should probably avoid if you are new to site building. Avoid those annoying modal windows. People click on a link intending to explore that link, not a million other nonsensical sites. Don’t ruin your viewer’s mood by sending them on a wild goose chase. If they want to further explore anything on your site, they will do so on their own. Placing a pesky modal window at the beginning of your site is messy and desperate. Just don’t do it.

Tips for Faster Coding

There is now a program for that. Codekit is the best program you can get to help you code your website’s layout. It actually won the award for best website builder for the year 2015. No longer will you have to reload your browser to apply all of the changes and updates you just made. They will be saved automatically to avoid losing all of your work if something happens to your power source. Also, FitVids will assist you in embedding your videos if you choose to place any on your page. It’s a good program to work along side of Codekit.


Google Standards

Google has some pretty annoying penalties to dole out as well. Make sure you thoroughly educate yourself on Google’s standards to avoid having your webpage blackballed and accruing penalties from the search engine.

If you hope to have heavy traffic for your site, Google will be your best friend, providing you follow the rules. They inspect everything. The way you build your site, the way you embed information, the way you wire up all your links, etc. It’s all under scrutiny and can affect how visible your site is to web traffic. Read through several different helpful blogs and how-to tips to get the best all around insight to these strict standards.

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