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Play the fashion game: with these great health tips

26th Oct 2015

The fashion game is about as reliable as the shifty bloke who stands on your street corner. One week, Karl Lagerfeld is championing wearing lampshades on your head, the next Victoria Westwood is claiming that lampshades are uglier than Wayne Rooney’s noggin.


But trust has never been the foundation of fashion. It’s about the shock of the new. Trends stem from novelty, like your latest tech app. But there’s one element of fashion that’s remained vital – good health.

While there’s been a backlash against size zero models (arguably quite rightly), even plus-size models need to maintain a healthy appearance.

Because health in the fashion world isn’t about size, but appearance.

You probably don’t expect to look like one of the reigning fashion models – but that doesn’t mean a healthier appearance won’t help you look fantastic.

Forget the fad diets and quick-fix solutions – there are numerous easy peasy ways to become healthier. Here are just a few.

Better skin – with better skincare

Do you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and cringe at the state of your skin? Dry, flaky and covered in blackheads – you’re never going to get a starring role in a Clearasil ad.

There are a number of reasons why your skin might not be looking its best. Are you guzzling enough Diet Coke to fill the Atlantic Ocean? Do you down coffee by the gallon? Is your answer to effective hydration a litre of Sprite?

Replace your obnoxiously sugary drinks with an average of eight glasses of water a day for less greasy and pallid skin.

The next step in your skincare regime should be to find a few creams that’ll keep you on the right side of youth.

For our cash, Crepe Erase for skin is your best bet in terms of keeping those nasty wrinkles at bay. Combine water and creams and you’ll enjoy a pimple and crepe-free appearance.

Short bursts of fitness

When you suffer from lazybones, bothering to exercises is about as appealing as a pomegranate enema. But not every workout has to mean a one-way ticket to exhaustion.

Instead of lumbering through your fitness regime, try a simple 15 minute workout – just enough time to work up a sweat, but not quite enough to burn you out.

As you build a resilience to your 15 minutes, add an extra few minutes to keep up the pressure. Do this in increments and you’ll enjoy a fully-fledged regime. And you’ll look great no matter what you wear.

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