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Put The Enjoyment Back Into Exercise

11th Jun 2015



Everybody on the planet understands the importance of exercise but that doesn’t stop a large number of us failing to complete the required amount to be considered part of healthy lifestyle. There are a million excuses for this, including work commitments and overtiredness. However, there’s only one real reason.

We no longer find it fun.

Life is a lot easier when it’s enjoyable and we are far more likely to continue something we consider to be fun compared to something that is not. Essentially, our apathetic view on sport and exercise is due solely to the fact it doesn’t stimulate us like it should.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to put the fun back into physical activity. The first step is to remember that enjoyment is the main attraction. In a world where we’re constantly told to concentrate on losing weight, we often forget that pleasure should be the key goal of any leisurely vocation.

Our best tip for anyone looking to enjoy exercise again is to stop placing so much emphasis on goals like losing a billion stone in a day. Getting a body will come naturally. If that is your target, just keep enjoying your activities and physical improvements will follow. Whether it is football or cycling, a sport or class that makes you happy is the best choice for you. No question about it.

Similarly, if you get bored easily and fancy a change then that’s exactly what you should do. There is no blueprint or script to stick to, you should just do what feels best and natural.

Finding an enjoyable activity that you have a passion for is a major step in the right direction but it isn’t everything. You must equip yourself with the right things to keep it fun. Being uncomfortable will quickly sap the enjoyment away from your activity. Having the right amount of hydration is key and a drinks bottle should be a staple in everybody’s gym bag.

Likewise, getting the right footwear and equipment is essential. Despite common perceptions, this doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated or expensive. A sweatband from , for example, is a small addition that will add huge comfort. Ultimately, if you feel good then you are more likely to gain more enjoyment from the activity.

Another great way to put the fun back into sport is to make it social and competitive. Playing with friends will enhance your experience and it also provides a great excuse for regular meetings. Likewise, competition will drive you on and the satisfaction of winning is bound to have a positive impact too. Setting up your own team will be certain to keep things entertaining.

Essentially, there is no right and wrong way to participate in sport. Different people take pleasure from different factors. Don’t be frightened to try new ideas or new activities until you find the best one for you.

Once you have, you’ll find that rediscovering the love of exercise will brighten your entire world.


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