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Staying in Shape As a Mum

15th Jul 2013

It can be difficult to stay in shape as a Mum as you may feel that you don’t have much time to yourself and when you do, you might want to see friends or just relax. However, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take a bit of time out of your week for yourself and to feel good about yourself. With up to date sports news on the Youwin blog you can stay in touch with the news from your favourite sports.


Staying in shape doesn’t have to be a chore and one of the best and most fun ways to exercise is to dance. You can stay in shape no matter how old or young and improve your flexibility, confidence, strength and stamina. Dance classes, whether private, with a friend or in a group at your local gym, are a great way to improve your social life, get out and get active. The art of dancing also opens new doors to different cultures and music by trying out a variety of dance forms such as Salsa or Zumba. Getting yourself enrolled in one of these classes can help you work on your skills and make the most out of your time. But remember, you should get yourself dance Boots or sneakers and proper clothing so that your feet don’t hurt too much at the end of the day.


Not only is swimming extremely relaxing, as it is just you and the sound of the water as you glide through it, but it is also known to be one of the best all round workouts. Swimming at your local pool for 30 minutes once or twice a week can make a big difference to your health as well as making you feel and look great. The advantage of swimming is that you can also take your children with you and combine your workout with spending some quality time with your kids.

If you aren’t a confident swimmer there are also other options such as ‘aquafit’ and other water-based fitness classes to help you stay in shape. With children’s classes available at most gyms and local pools, you can enjoy watching your children progress or take time out to work on cutting down your time on swimming a length. Of course, in order to go swimming, you will need some swimwear. Perhaps some women would like to look at these vintage swimsuits to wear to the local pool. It’s so important to feel comfortable when swimming.

Marathon running

If you have a spare couple of hours a day, why not head out for a run and train for a marathon or half marathon. With a goal of taking part in one of the many annual marathons around the world, this could give you the motivation to stay in shape. Not only will marathon running ensure that your diet is healthy but it could also improve your lifestyle and health as you start to increase your training regime. By getting ready for a marathon by following an intensive training programme, it ensures that exercise becomes a daily routine and is fairly easy to keep track of your progress. Marathon running also gives you a chance to give back to local charities and foundations or a cause close to your heart by raising money for them as well as becoming a ‘Super Mum’ when you finish the marathon race.

Staying in shape can be difficult especially when it seems as if your busy schedule won’t let anything else in. It is normally the case that something like keeping fit is the first thing to be sacrificed when it comes to finding time to do something. However, with the above three sports and keep fit activities, you can stay in shape and look after yourself whilst making sure that you look and feel the way that you want to.

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