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Three Ways Tutoring Can Help Your Child

13th Aug 2013

Article brought to you by UK based tuition provider First Tutors

With cutbacks in education, higher class sizes, and underpaid teachers, children now more than ever need extra attention when it comes to their educations and subjects that they are struggling in.  It’s hard for children to get the individual attention that they need in the classroom sometimes and with parents working more and more, it’s often hard for mom and dad to find the time to sit down all the time to help them with homework. This is why many parents are looking for tutors to help supplement the education that their children are getting – in order to give their children the confidence they need to flourish and be successful in life. The classroom is a solid framework that gives your child a basis for learning and important life skills.  Tutoring is just another way to fill in any cracks that are missing in the overall education structure.

How will your child benefit from private tuition?

Education:Teachers in a classroom are generally focused on the classroom as a whole instead of individual students, so it’s easy for your child to have questions but not get them answered – not because the teacher doesn’t care, but because they simply don’t have the time to take lots of individual questions from every student.  With tutoring, a child is offered a personalized session that is geared directly toward them and their specific learning style.  A tutor can find out exactly where the student struggles most and begin to work directly on those action items, helping the student “get it” faster than they normally would in a classroom setting.

Interaction:One on one time with a tutor allows not only for better education, but also for better social skills. Many kids – especially those with quieter, more introverted personalities – find themselves blending into large groups of kids in the classroom. It’s hard for them to build social skills and interact well when they are so many others hollering for time and attention of teachers and administrators.  So for this reason, tutoring can give your child the opportunity to interact, ask questions, and let their real personality shine through.

Confidence:  When your child is struggling in school, they might feel embarrassed for not “getting it” as fast as the other kids.  They have the desire to understand and are trying hard, but sometimes it just isn’t clicking. This is frustrating and they might feel like their confidence is a little bit weakened when time after time, they try and can’t grasp a concept. With the one-on-one time spent with a tutor, your child will likely begin understanding and will be thrilled when the concept or subject that they have been struggling with for long finally isn’t a struggle anymore. This will allow their confidence to shoot through the roof! They’ll be proud of themselves for sticking with it and excited to share the news with their teacher, classmates, and family.

So, if your child is struggling in school, it’s not entirely their fault. Learning is a demanding job – one that challenges the brain and makes the body weary at times.  Not everyone is going to naturally excel in all subjects. It’s okay to spend a little extra time on subjects that don’t come as naturally and for this reason, tutoring is a fantastic way to get children on the path towards solid understanding and ultimately, good grades and a positive outlook on learning.  Investing in your child’s education is well worth it!

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