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Tips for Wearing Florals

4th Jul 2013

Florals are everywhere this season, which is very exciting news if you’re like me and love anything flowery, dreamy or romantic! Dresses, tops, even jumpsuits are adorned with floral prints, just in time for the sun which seems to be finally making an appearance on these grey shores!

Read on for lots of super tips on wearing florals.

Mix and match:

Some patterned or striped looks require careful thought and consideration before they can be worn with other items of clothing. Not so for florals. The wider the variety of floral patterns you combine in one outfit, the better. Think English summer tea party in the Vicar’s garden. A floral dress in shades of green and pale pink looks super with a flowery scarf or shoes in different flower patterns. One thing to remember, however, is to keep one colour running through the entire outfit, in order to bring everything together.

Choose lace:

Flowery, lacy dresses are so Victorian and so in right now! High collars, puffed sleeves – basically you’re going to look like a Laura Ashley dream, but in a good way. So if you’re shopping for florals, look for cream, white or pastel coloured chiffon and lace floral print dresses, for day or evening wear. These clothes from Newlook are so adorable they can be worn with just about any accessories and still look good.

Shoes matter:

If you’re really into your florals, how about investing in a pair of flower patterned pumps or sneakers? OK, it’s a little early nineties and might remind you of being five years old, but trust me you will look bang on trend. Plus, I can’t think of a better way to inject a little bit of carefree fun into your day than to wear floral pumps to the office. It will keep your co-workers on their toes if nothing else.

Keep accessories simple:

Yes, you can wear any accessory with florals and still look pretty hot. Generally, however, simple accessories work best. Something like these bracelets for women, a single bangle, a pair of gypsy earrings, and a gemstone ring are enough to create an effective hippy chic look. Anyway, it’s going to be hot (we hope) so you won’t want to be weighed down by lots of clunky accessories. The addition of a simple, handmade bag will add to the overall relaxed vibe of your look.

Rock the romantic look:

If you have long hair, now is the perfect time to start braiding, weaving or otherwise making yourself look like you’ve just stepped out of the set of The White Queen. Long, flowing tresses, Ophelia-style, are the way forward, and you will look particularly idyllic if you curl your hair or even gently scrunch it for a waved effect. Gorgeous!

Enjoy wearing your florals and relish the days you get to spend on long lunches, walks in the parks or picnics by the sea. Now that summer is here, we ought to make the most of it, after all.

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