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Why Many People Opt for Pocket Sprung Mattresses

30th Aug 2015

When it comes to sleeping, it is only natural that we all want to be able to enjoy comfort and a good night’s rest so that we wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. There are a number of things that can help you to achieve this goal such as having a regular bedtime routine, making sure you don’t nap close to the time you go to sleep, and avoiding eating too late.

Another thing that you need to do is make sure you have the right mattress for your needs, as this will have a big impact on whether you get sufficient support and whether you benefit from high levels of comfort during the night. There are various mattress options to select from these days, which include memory foam mattresses, firm orthopaedic mattresses, open coil mattresses and pocket spring mattresses. While people all have different tastes and preferences with regards to mattress choices, many have benefitted from the use of a pocket sprung mattress.


The popularity of pocket sprung mattresses

One of the most popular and most comfortable types of mattresses are pocket sprung ones. Many people favour these because they offer high levels of support and are therefore ideal for those looking for a good night’s sleep in comfort. These mattresses are made with individual pocket springs that then link together to provide a really supportive base that will adapt to your body and movements during the night.

You can get pocket sprung mattresses from a variety of retailers like Bedstar, which offers access to a range of pocket sprung options. With a Bedstar pocket sprung mattress you will be able to look forward to superior levels of comfort as well as excellent support, with a mattress designed to provide you with individual zoned support.

The large number of springs that are used in these mattresses means that the individual springs are put under far less strain, unlike open spring mattresses which can quickly become worn and lumpy because of the strain that they are put under. With pocket sprung mattresses, the level of support you receive is far more balanced and in addition to offering superior comfort and support these mattresses are also designed to last longer.


Who are these mattresses for?

Pocket sprung mattresses are ideal for those who want to benefit from support during the night when sleeping but do not want the discomfort of a hard mattress in order to get the support. With the pocket sprung option you have a combination of flexibility, comfort and superior support. Because the springs are able to move individually, you will find these mattresses are able to respond to your body weight more effectively.

These mattresses are also ideal for couples who share a bed, as the springs are able to adapt to the needs of each person rather than acting as a ‘one size fits all’ mattress. This means that each person will face far less disruption as a result of the movement of the other person, which enables both of you to get a good night’s rest.

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