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4 Tips To Prepare Your Family For Potential Emergencies

29th Nov 2016

You never know when an emergency can pop up in your life. Being prepared, although some might call it paranoia or even obsessive worrying, it is certainly preferable to you or someone you love, getting hurt.


When weighing out the risks of the possibility of things going wrong, a healthy balance is important. Worrying about a bat flying in your window a night, hitting a lamp which in turn could fall on the ground, sparking a fire and lighting the neighborhood into flames is probably not the most probable.

Worry about potential emergencies where you have a reason to worry. Sometimes the most common emergencies are the ones we are unfortunately least prepared for. Don’ forget the old story of the ant who lounged all summer and perished in the winter, unlike the grasshopper who prepared himself for the cold months ahead.

Take charge of your life and weigh out the need to be prepared for risks by following these steps in case of emergencies.

Put Away Savings

Putting away a small amount of savings on a regular basis is an intelligent way to ensure that if something comes along and throws off your financial situation, you have a nice padding of emergency savings to fall back on.

Alternatively, you could take out a loan but having liquid funds without tacked on interest or fees is ideal.

Keep Stocked Food and Candles

We are not talking about the potential zombie apocalypse here. We are talking about real life emergencies that happen every day and are totally possible of happening at any time. Natural disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes can leave families housebound for days or even weeks.

Preparing your cupboards with non-perishable foods and extra water is a great way to be sure that you will have food in your stomachs if you can’t get out of your house.

In addition to food and drink being stored, consider also storing blankets, matches, candles, and firewood of good quality like oak firewood (which can be sourced from If you have a basement, use the space! It’s much better to be safe than sorry!

Have Emergency Drills

Encourage your family to stage emergency drills for situations such as fire, flood, or even procedures such as CPR. By having a plan and know exactly how to act in any of these scenarios you can prepare your family for the worst resting assure that there is less risk for things going wrong.

If your children roll their eyes or don’t take it seriously, try to give them a reward for their work and appeal to their competitive sides. If everyone completes their drill in under X amount of time and without problems, then the whole family gets to go out to dinner, or something along these lines. A reward system can really be a motivating factor.

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