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5 Outdoor Organizing Tips

29th Nov 2013

With winter approaching, it may be tempting to avoid that part of the house which gave us so much pleasure and was the scene of so much fun – the yard. However, wouldn’t that be a little like only contacting a friend when you wanted to use something of theirs? OK, a garden may not have the same range of emotions as a human being (even though there are probably some who would disagree with this), but that doesn’t mean that it should be ignored.

Following are five outdoor organizing tips that will ensure that your outdoors are not a total wasteland next time the sun starts to shine:

Ready, Steady, Go!

Now is the time to tidy up all that has been left lying around from the warmer months. Stack up the stackable furniture, gather all furniture in one area, and cover it to protect it from the elements. If you do want to have one or two pieces of furniture in the backyard, you may want to contact reputable companies that sell worthy furniture pieces (have a peek here, if interested). If not, it’s just a waste of time and money. Any other items that have been left strewn about should also be gathered together and sorted according to items to keep, discard, or sell/donate.

Outdoor Storage

Invest in outdoor storage as a weatherproof storage solution for items such as gardening equipment and toys. A plastic outdoor storage box serves numerous purposes and can even double-up as a bench. Available in different sizes and colors, they are perfect for any size yard. If you have a larger yard, a plastic shed may be worth considering, and for smaller spaces, one or more plastic deck boxes are great for storing small items.

Keep it Under Control

Trim trees, lawn, hedges, and get any Stump Grinding or anything else that needs to be cut done before the real cold arrives. Weak or unhealthy tree limbs may not withstand the cold and can pose a hazard if they fall. Also, an unkempt yard does not look nice or reflect well on your premises (or its inhabitants).

It’s not Just the Yard

Your outdoors comprise more than just your yard, they also include the outside of your house. Have you looked at that lately and checked that all is in the condition that it should be? What about the roof? Are the gutters working properly? Or, are they blocked with dried leaves and algae? If that’s the case, you can clean them and install gutter guards like the ones available at Master Shield ( This in turn can prevent gutter blockages in the future. Additionally, check for paint, cladding, and window frames that should be inspected and repaired if required.

Keep it Reel

Sick of almost breaking your neck on your garden hose? Investing in a hose reel is much cheaper than paying for a trip to the hospital, neck brace, and physical therapy – and a lot less painful also.

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