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5 reasons why you should travel to Sri Lanka with kids

27th Oct 2017

Sri Lanka is a faraway tropical island with a rich culture, stunning nature and an endless range of interesting places to visit. Sri Lanka may not be the first destination you think of when planning a holiday with kids, but actually, the island has a lot to offer for a wonderful family holiday. Here are 5 reasons why you should travel to Sri Lanka with kids:

1. Turtles, dolphins & whales

When heading towards the coastline of Sri Lanka, you are in for great surprises. Not only are the beaches beautiful and perfect for family beach holidays, the greatest surprise lies in what swims around in the deep blue sea, not too far from the coastline. Yes, in these waters, there are turtles, dolphins and whales to be spotted, thrilling kids and moms and dads alike. Make sure to visit Hikkaduwa’s turtle hatchery to get the amazing experience of releasing baby turtles. Also check out the town of Mirissa, where parents and kids can go on a dolphin and whale watching tour. It is a magical experience, creating memories to stick with you for your whole life.

2. Family safari – more close encounters with Sri Lankan wildlife

Sri Lanka is home to some awesome national parks. Choose between Casella National Park, Minneriya National Park or Udawalawe. You can even visit all three of them if your kids just can’t get enough of these family adventures in the wild. You will be hopping on a jeep and go on a real safari to spot elephants, cheetahs, buffaloes, bears, monkeys and more amazing creatures that roam these lands. You will also spot tons beautiful exotic birds flying around and taking a rest in the grasslands or in the jungle.

3. Nature treks for the little ones

Hikers and adventurers know that there are amazing nature treks to be done in Sri Lanka but once you have kids, you will have to make compromises… or maybe not? Well, there is the famous ‘Adam’s Peak’, the holy mountain and pilgrimage site, but there is also ‘Little Adam’s Peak’, also beautiful and just perfect for the little legs. This mountain is around half the size of its big brother (1140 meters) and it makes a lovely day out in nature with the little ones. The surrounding nature and the views on the way to the top are breathtaking, enchanting parents and triggering the imagination of kids.

4. Introduction to the friendliest people & exotic food

The Sri Lankan people are heartwarming and super welcoming to island visitors. The kids will be introduced to a whole different culture and exotic food, giving them a glimpse into the diversity of our beautiful world. Smiling faces on busy markets, tuk tuk drivers getting you around, it is new and exciting! It also makes a great adventure to try out the local food together with the kids but do be aware that the Sri Lankan people like their food to be spicy. Introduce the kids to the local flavours with mild roti flatbreads, the bowl-shaped pancakes called ‘hoppers’ or the local breakfast called Pittu which is a mix of coconut and rice. Are your kids difficult eaters? Not to worry! Especially in the more tourist areas, you can be sure of finding western food on the menu as well.

5. Beaches & villas

Imagine staying in a villa near the beach and strolling down there every day for swimming, sunbathing, sunset, snorkelling and surfing. Around the island (not only near the beach), there are beautiful private pool villas found. These villas make perfect holiday homes for families with kids. How convenient is it to have your own private space, a swimming pool and a kitchen, not having to miss out on any modern comforts? You can make it as basic or luxurious as you want. There is something available for every holiday budget and you can travel around from one villa to another across the island.

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