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5 Ways To Step It Up On Date Night

20th Jan 2017

Dating is meant to be a time of exploration and fun. Dinner and a movie is neither an exploratory exercise nor is it loaded with fun. Traditional date ideas are outdated and stale. Why not take the time to explore something new with a partner? Be creative and push traditional boundaries.

Now is the time to step it up, ladies and gentlemen. Date night is no longer a solely masculine responsibility. The realm of dating has gradually evolved in many different ways. Check out a few helpful suggestions to give that special person the time of their lives.

Go on a nature walk.

Humans were born with a nurturing sense of life. Spend time with a love interest while walking through the forest or some type of nature trail. To add a little extra fun to the mix, consider keeping some quality cannabis with flavorful terpenes handy (visit the west coast cannabis website to get your hands on some) – these can help enhance your experience with nature and make for a more blissful time. Take note of any legal guidelines with respect to the plant for recreational use. Time in nature can act as a stress-reliever too. Take a hike, but keep the wonderful company.

Hiking allows for quiet time and relaxed conversation. The peaceful atmosphere of nature will bring forth plenty of intimate moments. The best part about a nature walk is that it does not cost a dime. Save money while spending alone time with a perspective lover and follow the nature trail.

Plan a double-date game night.

No one ever plays board games anymore. It is a lost art. Invite that special someone over for a night of board games and a couple of beers. Friendly conversation and lots of laughs will allow bonds to be built.

Invite a couple of friends for a double-date experience. Most games require a minimum of four people to be enjoyable really, so bring friends. They will help to provide a comfort buffer.

Forfeit one of your sense for the evening.

Take the time to plan a special dinner experience for that special someone. There are a few organizations that specialize in a different sort of dinner experience. Get cleaned up, get your hair done, dress for success, and lose a sense.

Have dinner blindfolded. Some places will prepare dinner in an insanely original setting and turn out the lights. The point is to force participants to rely on their other four senses to communicate and socialize with their date.

Feel the fear with a fancy friend.

There is a place in Arizona that specializes in presenting a “Walking Dead” experience for devoted fans. It is called Scarizona. Plan a scary adventure date. Fear brings out the most amusing reactions. Run from zombies or tackle maniacal clowns for an exciting evening. Laughter and camaraderie are sure to ascend from such ghastly endeavors.

Plan a scavenger hunt.

Invest the time to prepare a scavenger hunt for that special someone. Not only will it be a new and unusual fun time, but it will also show the other person that the date took some effort. Best of all, it is yet another free way to have a very good time.

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