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5 Ways To Treat Yourself As the Woman of the House

3rd Nov 2016

If you’re the woman as a part of a husband-and-wife team, you’ve got a lot of responsibilities, especially when it comes to the child-raising aspect of your family. And because of cultural norms, you’ll often be expected to live up to a certain standard. But with all the effort that you put into it, you’d do well to treat yourself as a reward for your actions as well. Not only is a happy family a solid consequence of good behavior, but spoiling yourself a little in the mix will help keep you relaxed as well.


Five ways that a woman can treat herself for hard work at home might include things like choosing a hair removal option, keeping tasty treats around the house, making sure favorite movies and entertainment are available, decorating based on personality instead of expectations, and either embracing or breaking with stereotypes as desired on an individual level.

Hair Removal Options

Getting rid of body hair isn’t just something that a woman does for her man. In terms of self-expression, many woman would choose to get rid of facial hair, underarm hair, or bikini line hair just as a matter of personal aesthetics or hygiene. In terms of self image, then, it’s no big deal to pick a safe and healthy hair removal option and go through the process in order to reward yourself with a positive body image. Research a bit on Laser Hair Removal Services near your house and book an appointment for yourself.

Have Your Favorite Movies On Demand

Having access to your favorite entertainment is a big part of treating yourself, and as the women of the house, this should be in your domain as well. Knowing that whenever you want, you can hit a few buttons on your phone, tablet, or computer and have your favorite movies and TV series waiting for you in a huge de-stressor. Compare video streaming services and choose the one that suits you best.

Decorate For Your Personality

Culturally, feminine decorating tends to go in a few specific directions. However, if you want to take charge of your life and the senses that your particular personality is most comfortable with, break the mold and decorate for your personality rather than your gender role! Be creative, and surround yourself with things you love.

Keep Some Treats Around

What are your favorite treats in terms of food? Science says that women enjoy chocolate in particular, but there are an infinite other number of possibilities for your personal preference. If you’re the woman of the house, know what your favorite snacks are, and have them available at your convenience.

Make It Or Break It With Stereotypes

Stereotypes often play an unfortunate part in family and home life, especially for the woman of the house. If you’re not comfortable in those stereotypical roles, then spend some time and effort making your life fit how you really are, as opposed to who you’re supposed to be, and appreciate the emotional treat that you get in return for your energy.

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