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A New Home for Your Loved One: 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Nursing Home for the Elderly

10th Oct 2018

Trusting complete strangers to take care of your loved one – your mom, dad, spouse, or granny –can be a very scary and painful experience both to you and your loved one. But aging challenges are inevitable. The elderly need special care and this requires one has to be always around. And nursing homes have professionals trained to ensure the residents, in this case the elderly, get better services and the care they deserve. But before making a decision on which facility to take your loved one, consider these 5 factors.

  1. Where Is the Facility Located?

The physical or mental health of your loved one could be the main reason for your considering a nursing home. In any case, the location of the facility is very important. The nursing home should be as close as possible for the ease and frequency of visiting your loved one. This is a crucial time that they need to see and feel the love of their family. And this will be more convenient if you won’t be staying very far from the facility. There are many independent living facilities positioned across the country so the likelihood is that you will be able to find one close by.

  1. Will Your Loved One Be Safe?

The safety of your loved one in the nursing home should not be questionable. You need to choose a safe place. A place where s/he will not be abused by the staff or other residents. Abuse of the elderly in the nursing homes is among the major legal matters that will compromise the safety of your loved one. Sometimes, it may be difficult to predict or prevent such abuses from happening. But should your loved one encounter any form of abuse, consult a personal injury/abuse law attorney experienced with similar cases to advise you and perhaps provide your loved one necessary help after abuse.

  1. Do the Staff Have the Necessary Skills?

You’ll be leaving everything to do with caring for your loved one in the hands of the facility staff. They’re the ones who will either make the life of your loved one better or worse. Therefore, their professionalism and experience with eldercare are very vital. Do more research and ask multiple questions on the qualification of the staff in the nursing home prior to making a decision. You may visit the center and observe various staff and see how they communicate to and serve the elderly.

  1. How Much Will It Cost?

Eldercare may not be as cheap as you thought. The high-quality services offered by trained professionals and accommodation that your loved one will be provided with cost good money. It will also mean more expenses if special needs will be necessary. And different nursing homes have different charges even for the same services. So, before deciding on the nursing home, consider inquiring to know how much will they charge you and also, if you or the responsible party can afford the cost?

  1. What Services Do They Offer?

Besides offering long-term care, not all nursing homes offer similar healthcare and eldercare services. When inquiring about the services offered, consider the needs and lifestyle of your loved one. What type of meals do they offer, and are the residents given a variety of meal options to choose from? Also, inquire if the nursing home accepts special dietary needs. If your loved one needs special health care services, check to see if the facility has such specialized units.


Aging comes with unavoidable challenges. Challenges that demand special care and more time to attend to. And there are several nursing homes with facilities and professionals trained to take care of the elderly. You’ll need to consider several factors before sending your loved one to any of the facilities. If your loved one is able to discuss what and where s/he would prefer, reason together with them before making a decision. You can also find different reviews about the nursing homes on relevant blogs that will guide you pick the right facility. Good luck!

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