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Awesome Ideas For Decorating Your Daughter’s Bedroom

19th Jun 2013

About the author: Kim Stewart blogs for – the best place to buy customised children’s wallpaper online.

When it comes to our girls, they know best. So when your own daughter comes to have her room re-decorated, choose wisely or land yourself in a whole heap of trouble. From teenage angst to toddler tantrums, avoid the pitfalls in pleasing your little lady and get the right look together so she’ll love you forever…or until the next time she wants something.

They say every girl loves pink and if your little princess likes tiaras and teddies then there is a whole range of this delectable colour to choose from. It doesn’t have to be garish. There’s cerise and salmon, bubblegum and tinted rose, amongst a million more. Or just go the whole hog and splash all four walls with glitter-pink paint. After all, they’re only young once.

If you want a little more delicacy in your décor, go for peaches, creams and hints of yellow. All these are delicious alternatives to the obvious colour scheme. Pastels and modern fresh tints are big this Spring all around and it’s never too soon to start a playground fashion trend.

Or, try a compromise. A pink themed feature wall with stencils or diamante design stickers can look just lovely and fairy lights can add a magical touch. She’ll be the talk of all her friends at sleepovers if you get creative.

The bed is the focal point of any girl’s room. It could be white painted cast iron, have gossamer bed curtains fit for a queen or conceal plenty of room for shoes in a handy platform storage design. Some parents are even splashing the cash for the latest TV-beds with flatscreens and surround sound or soundbars like this offering from Vizio. These are pricey but perfect for listening to the latest boyband or cuddling up with mates for a movie.

As they get older, they shed their teddies and dolls to find new pastimes. It seems such a shame to throw them away and the memories will always be there. Why not create a feature on a stack of shelves or slim bookcase with teddies and toys through the ages, interspersed with baby books and precious collectibles to commemorate your lass growing up. You could even get her a personalized neon light with her name on it! You might want to Shop Now from various online stores such as Neon Filter and similar others to give your girl’s room the perfect customization!

If you want your girl to study hard and beat the boys, creating an area for concentration is pretty crucial. When doing up the place, don’t forget the importance of a study desk. There are loads to choose from with retailers displaying pretty Victorian-style cabinets to functional handy storage desks for bookworms. Painting plain Jane furniture in bold block color is a thrifty way to add a new feature in a pared down room.

Bright bean bags, plush cushions or some cute posters (you could find a poster for her here) are cheap and cheerful ways to spruce up a room that needs decorating. You don’t have to flash your cash at every opportunity, it’s about creating her a space she can be with her friends and unwind after homework.

Finally, if you’re the relaxed type, girls like nothing more than rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in. Dream up an idea for a mural or painted wall together, using her favourite animal or movie scene. How many of us would have loved the opportunity to paint a horse or dolphin onto our very own bedroom? If you prefer the professional touch, hire a painter or local artist to do this for you.

With all these inspirational ideas, you can’t go far wrong. Your little girl will be thanking you until she’s all grown up.

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