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Baby Car Seat for a New Arrival

3rd Nov 2013

Are you prepared with diapers and baby stuffs for the arrival of new baby? Have you ever ensured the baby’s safety while driving? The only way to keep the baby safe during the ride is installing a car seat like this one from Joie Baby for them, because it has the energy absorbing foam that provides an extra comfort and protects them from crashes during the ride.

No doubt the company performs several tests for outstanding features, ease of use and safety requirements. But the below mentioned features are necessary to look into for your futures:

  • Safety:

Parents are always keen and worried about their kid’s safety. Hence it is essential to choose a car seat that protects the infant from any kind of accident. The car seats are designed and stuffed with energy absorbent form to absorb impacts from front, side and rear. It is better to buy a car seat that meets or exceeds the federal requirements. A standard car seat could bear 35 pounds max. It is better to opt for higher range seat to replace it less often.

  • Use:

A properly installed car seat makes a huge difference in a car accident. Apart from the manuals and product reviews, installation videos are also available on the websites. The car seat could be efficient, if it has a stay in car base, adjustable carrying handle and it should be compatible with a stroller. Previously mentioned features would ease the movement while moving in and out of the car. It is better to have a car seat that has passed the FAA if you are a frequent airplane traveler.

  • Other features:

Buy a car seat that has a removable head support; removable head support is used for infants up to 12 months but it becomes unnecessary as the child grows. In addition to the aforementioned features, you can adjust the seat and recline it to your child’s preferences. For an added luxury, a cold weather boot and canopy are welcome supports.

  • Support:

It is better to opt for a company that provides user manual and phone and customer support. Normally the car seats expire in two or three years hence it is better to preview it before taking any decision.

It is true that no parent would be opting sub par product for their infant as their safety is more important then anything else.


Author Bio:

Marie Jones, a blogger and a consultant for baby car seats Australia is keen to share the features for betterment of infants and toddlers.

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