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Bathroom Annoyingly Small? Maximise All The Space With These Techniques

27th Aug 2015

Small rooms throughout the house have to be one of my biggest pet peeves. I know you can only work with what you have, but sometimes I wish I had more. I hate the fact that the kids have to live cooped up a small room, or that we have to store boxes in the garage because we don’t have more storage space. Most of all, I hate it when the whole family is bunched up in the bathroom in the morning! Is there anything more infuriating than trying to brush your teeth while someone is using the mirror or washing their hands? Luckily, over the years I have come across some space saving tips that have made life easier. Even luckier, I am willing to share them. Enjoy!

Colour Scheme

First of all, start with the colour. Are you using a colour that makes your bathroom look as big as it possibly can? Okay, the right colour scheme might only give off the impression of a bigger bathroom, but impressions can go a long way. The best tip I have come across is to use a reflective colour. Light paints reflect the natural and synthetic light in the room, which is what makes the room seem bigger.


Mirrors work in exactly the same way as the colour scheme. The light in the room reflects off the glass and makes the bathroom seem much bigger than it is. Another useful little tip is to place mirrors strategically around the bathroom, so it reflects light onto the main fixtures and furnishings.



Get Creative With Storage Space

Clutter is untidy, but more importantly it takes up room that you don’t have to waste. Plus, it is so easy to solve. All you need to do is have quick clean and put everything back where it came from! To be honest, that is a bit facetious because it is easier said than done, especially when you don’t have the storage space. By visiting you can quickly remedy that problem. Bathroom cabinets that have mirrors, as well as storage space inside, are perfect tools to create extra space. Try as hard as you can to merge elements of your bathroom together to maximise space as efficiently as possible.

Buy Small Fixtures

We live in an age of the ‘focal point’. What is a focal point you ask? Fundamentally, the focal point of nay room is an overly large piece of furniture that dominates the landscape. As soon as you walk in the door, the focal point smacks you in the face! As appealing as that may sound, you cannot afford to buy huge fixtures for your bathroom. So, try smaller and sleeker basins, toilets and sinks that you allow to use space more effectively. A good example is a corner sink. The corners of the bathroom are notoriously difficult to fill because of the angle. By taking up that space, you have much more open space left.

There are more tips and tricks, but these are my four favourites.  


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