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Bitdefender INTERNET SECURITY Review

7th Dec 2021

Five products in the same range still exist, from the basic Bitdefender Antivirus free version (one of our top choices for free antivirus software) to Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Internet Security, and Bitdefender Total Security, to the flagship version of Bitdefender Premium Security, its unlimited VPN usage. Although the market is flooded with antivirus software, Bitdefender is still one of the best security products on the list. When it comes to antivirus software in 2021, Bitdefender has a robust series of first-class security software packages and suites.

It covers five devices for a very competitive yearly price and is one of the top packages in our best internet security packages reviewed.

Bitdefender’s antivirus software for Windows offers excellent internet security along with several features designed to protect your family’s systems and personal data. A competent anti-virus package with a wide range of functions to meet the needs of most users. Except for Bitdefender’s VPN, which we don’t recommend, Total Security offers an impressive array of features that pretty much cover most of your privacy and security needs. Bitdefender Total Security provides the ultimate protection with many advanced features, including a secure payment environment, VPN, and secure file deletion utility.

Separately, Bitdefender’s Premium is still cheaper than most of the competition. If you only need to protect Windows devices, Bitdefender Internet Security is a good choice, with enough features to protect you at a reasonable cost.

Bitdefender Internet Security is compatible with Microsoft computers running at least Windows 7. Still, because the company has multiple programs for various purposes, there are alternatives for mobile devices and Mac computers.

Internet Security also has a firewall, secure online banking tools, a password manager, and even a secure VPN. As the online world becomes more and more insecure every day, Bitdefender Internet Security’s virus prevention and control functions use multiple layers of anti-ransomware protection, anti-phishing, and fraud site protection. They can even restart the computer’s recovery mode to respond intelligently. The latest threat is in the case of severe infections. Although it is unique to Windows, extensive anti-virus protection and numerous privacy tools are the hallmarks of this package. Not only can it be integrated with additional services, but it can also be fully customised to meet the individual needs of each user.

An intuitive user interface provides advanced malware protection and many additional online defences. Inside is a powerful antivirus component that has a reputation for detecting and blocking all types of malware. It is one of the best cybersecurity software on the market.

On the other hand, Bitdefender does indeed offer a free trial of each paid package.

In a malware protection test conducted by AV-Comparatives in March 2020, with over 10,000 test cases, Bitdefender blocked 99.98% of threats. In a final protection test from February to May 2020, Bitdefender blocked 99.3% of threats, so a lot more can be expected of the latest offering.

Bitdefender also offers file encryption, microphone and webcam security, and anti-tracking functionality.

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