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Is Your Child In Good Hands? The Ultimate Childcare Checklist

3rd Feb 2017

Sending your child to a strange environment while you pursue your career can be a bit traumatic for some, and it is perfectly natural to worry about being away from your little one, even if it is only for a few hours.

When a parent has to leave their child for the first time, it can be a difficult and emotional experience. This is because the parental instinct is to protect and care for their child as much as possible. That’s why many parents look for a high-quality child care center (like a Sherwood Park child care) that can offer their child the support and care they need. If you are one of those parents who are searching for the best child care center for your child, but don’t know what to look for, here is the ultimate checklist.


  • v Hygiene – If you visit a care centre, the first thing you should be looking at is the general standard of hygiene. Cleanliness is essential, especially when there are young children around, who like to put everything in their mouth. There would be ample sinks for handwashing, and a constant supply of clean linen.
  • v The Staff – The qualifications of people who spend time with your child are important, and that’s why a lot of parents look for professionals who have Cert iii in childcare or similar certifications. These caretakers should fully understand the concept of active learning as their primary role is to guide them through a series of interesting activities which can help in early childhood education. If you are in Australia and are looking for daycare centres in Perth, you could do no better than Little Peoples Place, which have many centres in and around the Perth area. Daily communication with your child’s carer will put you totally in the picture, and by knowing about home activities, the carer is able to have a better understanding of the child. For this reason, there should either be a notebook that the care centre records information for you, or perhaps they have a smartphone App, which can keep you informed of your child’s progress.
  • v The Philosophy – The ideal care centre would have strong ideas on Early childcare development, and this would be coupled with an understanding that each person is different and has unlimited potential that needs to be developed. While there should be a range of interesting activities on offer, a young child should never be forced to do anything, and with a friendly atmosphere, the essential social skills will be implanted. There are suitable child care centres in Perth, who have a firm direction in how they enable the children to learn, and with trained staff, your child will be in good hands.
  • v Close to Nature – The ideal environment for a young child is one filled with natural things. Wooden blocks and toys would be expected, and perhaps the children would learn about nature by growing vegetables. Using natural resources for learning is just one way of attuning a child to a natural environment, and by exposing them to nature as much as possible, they can learn a great deal from the experience. Healthy foods would be high on the list of priorities, as this is the platform for any future development, and provides all the nutrients the child needs.

There are many daycare centres to choose from, and by looking for the above, you should be able to ensure that your child receives the best attention while you are at work.

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