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Do people treat you differently after plastic surgery?

27th Dec 2018

Different people get plastic surgery for all kinds of very personal reasons. For some patients, the goal is to correct or reconstruct an area that has experienced trauma or damage. For other patients, the goal is better balance and alignment in body or face.

For still other patients, the driving reason is still deeper and has to do with self-esteem, self-confidence and, at times, public perception.

As you contemplate your own prospective or pending plastic surgery procedure, you may be wondering “will people treat me differently after plastic surgery?” This article takes a close look at this important question.

Plastic Surgery Is an Outside and Inside Job

The biggest challenge in answering a question about how people are treated before and after plastic surgery comes from realizing how life-changing this experience can be.

In other words, regardless of the reason you decide to undergo plastic surgery, the process and its results are quite likely to change you! You may change how you act, how you dress, how you carry yourself or walk (especially if you’ve had a Denver brazilian butt lift!) how outgoing you are with others and other aspects of your personality that then change how people react to you.

As well, your outside appearance is likely to have changed, whether subtly or overtly. For example, people may not know you have had a facelift but they tell you that you look younger or happier or more relaxed, and then this perception changes how they treat you.

Plastic Surgery Patient Feedback Speaks for Itself

According to research, patient feedback indicates that plastic surgery patients emerge with better overall self-esteem, self-worth, mood and quality of life.

Some patients say the surgery helped them overcome habitual shyness or social distress. The vast majority of patients state they are pleased with the results of their personal procedure and glad they chose to undergo the procedure.

Here, choice of plastic surgeon can be important to ensure post-operative results are in keeping with patient expectations and can thus help facilitate the desired transformation in self-esteem and quality of life.

Does Plastic Surgery Make Others Like You More…or Less?

Psychologically speaking, research supports a clear link between how a person looks and how a person is perceived.

Numerous comparative research studies show how the perception of strangers changes based on alteration of appearance.

Yet there is still no way to predict in advance how or how much people may change how they treat you after you have a particular procedure. However, there is a good body of evidence, both scientific and anecdotal, to suggest that how others treat you will change to some degree.

Will Plastic Surgery Change How People Treat You?

In summary, plastic surgery does have the potential to change how people treat you in more ways than one.

Furthermore, based on research to date, it is highly likely having plastic surgery will change how others treat you.

Most importantly, the vast majority of patients seem to welcome these changes and even invite them.

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