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Dog-friendly décor: revamping your home for pets

29th Jun 2016

Britain is a nation of dog lovers. In 2015, it was estimated that 12 million UK households own a pet, with 24% of these owning a dog. However, while we may love our furry friends, they can often make a mess of our homes.


To avoid scratched sofas and stained carpets, you’ll need to get smart when it comes to the materials and colours you choose. Here, homeware retailer Oldrids & Downton shows you how to decorate your home with your pets in mind.


Getting your flooring right is really important, especially when young puppies are in the house! Wood or tiled flooring is the most obvious choice in these scenarios, as any little accidents can easily be cleaned away. Tiles are perhaps the most durable option but, if you are thinking about wooden or laminate floor, choose boards with a scratch resistant surface. This means little claws won’t be able to make too much damage!

Of course, not all homeowners have tiled or wood flooring in their property. If you prefer carpets, avoid light colours to make your life easier. Darker shades will be easier to maintain and you won’t have to worry too much about a stray dirty paw print!


Likewise, if you’re looking for a new sofa, you’ll need to choose a durable design. Leather is a great choice, although it can be prone to scratching. Either cover the majority of it with a throw or blanket or don’t let your pets on the sofa – although the latter is easier said than done!

Material sofas are generally to be avoided as they can get dirty easily and be difficult to clean. Again, if you do choose this option, throws can help you protect it from dirt. You might want to consider getting your furry friend a pair or two of the best dog beds you can find so that it leaves your sofa alone!


It’s often overlooked, but the type of accessories you choose can impact your dog-friendly décor. For example, if your dog sheds hair, velvet should be avoided. The construction of the material means that stray hairs stick to it easily, so it’s not a wise choice if you want a show-home finish! While we are on the topic of decor, it won’t hurt to get some nice statuettes and picture frames of your four-legged friend in the house, would it? If you want something more personal, you could opt for Custom Needle felted Pet to sit on top of your shelf, as a fond reminder that no matter how many pillows your furry partner destroys, you’ll always love them the same. And the best part about it? You could gift it to your partner or your children and they’ll treasure it forever.

Instead, opt for smoother materials that won’t collect hair as easily. As silly as this may sound, choosing soft furnishings in a similar colour to your dog’s coat is preferable, as the hairs won’t be as noticeable.

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