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Four Outdoor Activities You and Your Kids Can Do in The Rainy Season

5th Sep 2015

The rainy season often finds you cooped up inside the house all wrapped up in cozy blankets and armed with a steaming mug of hot cocoa. Chances are that your little bundles of joy are doing the same. And while you might find this a reprieve from reality, your mini-mes might just be bored out of your mind. What your adult brain sees as tranquil is often perceived by younger minds as dull and mundane. In order to avoid getting bogged down by a child that is bored to tears, try some of these outdoor activities that everyone will undoubtedly love:

Float some boats

Grab the nearest sheet f paper you can find – avoiding important work documents and personal files – and fold them into origami boats.  If your child doesn’t know how to do this basic origami shape, then it’s high time that you teach them. Lacking a bit in the arts and crafts department? No worries! You can always make do with stray pieces of twigs and leaves scattered outside your front porch. Mosey on over to the nearest trail of running water and start racing those boats. Keep track of whose boat is going faster to give this activity a competitive edge.



The rainy season is great for a child’s developing mind since it helps them develop their senses in an environment that is different but still fundamentally the same. Go for a walk around your neighbourhood block, making sure that you point out the difference in senses to your child as you go. From smell to touch, teach your young one how everything changes with the coming of rain. Who knows, you might be struck with some creative inspiration on the way.

Camp out

Not a fan of being a peerless adventurer? That’s perfectly fine. You can mesmerize your children with just a tent, some comfortable blankets and pillows, and a book or two. Read to your loving tykes while camped out in the rain or simply lie down and absorb the sound of the pitter-patter of the raindrops on the tent’s canvas. You can argue that this might be the same as being stuck home, and you would be entirely wrong on this one. It’s going to be a far cry from just sitting by your glass window, that’s for sure!


Jumping in puddles

Ah, yes, the timeless classic. No activity list would be complete without the age-old tradition of jumping in puddles. A little bit of splashing in the mud never hurt anybody anyways. Let’s face it; you will enjoy doing this as well. Good thing that you have a kid handy so that you can have an easy and believable excuse for that silly grin on your face as you stomp your way into a fun-filled adventure.

Just keep in mind that though your adult body might handle a little drizzle of rain, your much younger counterpart might need a bit more protection from the elements aside from a flimsy umbrella. Galoshes, rain coats, and even a child’s waterproof all in one might come in handy for your upcoming rainy day adventures!

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