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Getting Your Home Ready for a New Puppy

17th Aug 2015

It can be really exciting bringing home a new puppy and introducing them to their ‘forever home’ for the first time! You can adopt a new dog from a shelter, or look for puppies for sale online on sites like if you would like to get a dog.

Whether you live alone or have a family waiting excitedly for their new friend to come, it is going to make a big change to your lives by introducing a new puppy. Puppies can be very demanding at the best of times, and with all the excitement of having a whole new home to discover, your pup may be a little overwhelmed and need a little extra care! If you use a website such as AmericanListed to get your puppy, you can ask the current owners/shelter what type of care will work best for the new addition.

Here are some tips to prepare your home in advance for your new canine arrival:

Puppy cuteness

Where Is Out of Bounds for the Puppy?

Your puppy is going to be very keen to explore, but when he first arrives, you’re going to want to keep a close eye on him at all times so you know he’s safe and not leaving you any surprises around the home! This can be much easier if you allow him access to only a limited part of the house at first. Decide where is best to keep your puppy to begin with, and then make sure everyone knows to keep all other doors closed. If you don’t want your puppy going upstairs yet, a baby gate can be a good way to block access – though you may need to cover the gate if the puppy is small enough to squeeze through the gaps. Also be aware of any places the puppy may be able to escape to the outside – such as cat flaps – and make sure these are not accessible to him. If you want him to be able to go outside freely, then make sure there is a secured area in the yard or garden, so he can’t run away or come into contact with other people’s pets before he’s had his jabs.

Eating and Sleeping

You are going to need to get your new puppy into a routine, and there are lots of ways to train them. However, whether you are using things like a crate or not, you will want there to be a regular area where he knows he can get his food, and where he has a bed he can sleep in without being disturbed (though he will of course choose to sleep in loads of other random places too!). Decide where you’ll want to give him his food and water, and where his bed is going to be, and of course buy the bed, bowls, and any toys you want to give him at first.



Before a puppy is trained and used to dealing with people, it may find children scary and can even snap at them. You should therefore talk to your kids about handling the puppy, and for very young children, not let them play with him unsupervised just yet. There will be plenty of time for them to bond once the puppy is used to its new surroundings.

Make sure your home is prepared, and you can have a great first few days showing your new dog around his home!

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