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How Often Should I Get My Roof Checked?

8th Jan 2013

If you want your roof to remain in good condition, it’s important to have your roof checked regularly by companies similar to Carolina Home Specialists, as they will be able to tell if you might need a repair or not, before you suffer the consequences of issues like this. Roofs today are constructed from very durable materials, but abnormal weather conditions or a poor gutter system can cause immediate problems. These are problems that you will need to have checked as quickly as you can. A roof inspection is something that you need to consider. Avoiding issues with your roof can lead to more serious problems and if neglected further, those problems could cost you substantially more money than the initial issue would have.

Roof experts say you should have your roof checked about twice a year!

That may seem like a lot of checking, but there is good reasons why roof experts stick to a twice a year standard. Roof problems are often caused by hail, high winds, snow, nonworking gutters, and other types of concerns. These are issues that can arise at any given moment and you never know when something could go wrong. Twice a year is actually a conservative standpoint and it’s actually a good idea to check your roof every month in the winter. Of course, you don’t have to hire a company every time that you check your roof, a lot of roof problems can be spotted on your own. If and when you do choose a company, make sure they are quality, like this highly recommended roofer in Carrollton, so that you know your roof is in good hands. You wouldn’t want more hassle than it’s worth when it comes to your roof!

Cleaning your roof should be a priority in the winter months

During the winter, you should focus on cleaning your roof so that issues like water damage, moss, and loose debris will not pose a problem for your home. If your home has been a victim of water damage, you will need to research into water damage restoration services in Boise, Idaho or wherever you are based. Cleaning your roof can be accomplished with a pressure washer or any similar tool. This can help you clean off any moss or loose debris that has fallen onto your roof from surrounding trees.

What should you look for when checking your roof on your own?

If you are going to check your roof on your own, there are a number of things that you should look for. First and foremost, loose debris such as tree limbs, leaves, or other forest items can be a serious concern. This type of debris can add weight to the top of your roof and make the development of moss more likely. Moss is another serious concern with any roof. If you let moss develop on your roof, water will start to collect in the moss and this water can severely damage the top of your roof. The materials that your roof is constructed from will start to break down and wear. Slowly, the roof will begin to decay and once this has happened, there is very little chance that you can restore it.

Don’t forget the gutters!

When you are checking your roof, don’t forget to take a look at the gutters as well. The gutter system to a roof is very important. Gutters are essential to roofs today and if the drains become clogged and they no longer function properly, water damage becomes much more likely. Your gutters are what allow water to effectively run off the roof and not saturate the ground below. Without properly working gutters, the roof can get severe water damage which can lead to needing a Water Damage Cleanup company.

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