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How Things Have Changed!

25th Feb 2013

It used to be that you had to use the Yellow Pages to pick a restaurant, and then you’d use your house phone (complete with a cord and everything!) to book a table. If you were lucky, you’d get through quickly, if you were unlucky however, it would take several attempts and at least one incompetent worker to sift through a wedge of papers to check their availability. Oh, how times have changed…for the better!

Now booking a table could honestly not be simpler. We’ve become a society that thrives on technology, anything and everything can be done on the internet these days, and choosing and booking restaurants is now no different. It’s totally idiot proof.

Take restaurants in Glasgow for instance. If you’re ever up visiting this great Scottish city you’re in luck, because Glasgow has a stellar selection of culinary choices that will make your stay that little bit more special.

It’s best to research as many Glasgow restaurants as possible before carefully selecting and booking your choices for each of your evening meals, and you won’t be sorry if you can plan in advance. If you go for one of the city’s most popular choices, chances are the restaurants you chose will be heaving when you arrived, and understandably so.

Booking seriously takes less time to do than to pick up the phone and call. You pick your date on a calendar, select the time you want to arrive, and input your name, email address and contact number, and that is absolutely it!


Brian Maule Restaurant

You will never be disappointed with the Brian Maule Restaurant. This establishment serves award-winning French cuisine in a minimalist, contemporary setting. This restaurant, given its fabulous, well-deserved reputation, tends to get packed out most evenings, but it takes, via the internet, a grand total of about 30 seconds to book in advance. Don’t worry if your French is diabolical, the staff are friendly and always persevere good-naturedly…possibly because they’re used to people butchering the French language there on a daily basis!

La Laterna

If you’re a huge fan of Italian cuisine, then La Laterna will definitely not disappoint. It has a fabulous reputation within the city, and is the holder of the title “The Glasgow Restaurant Association’s Best Italian Restaurant”, a title which is absolutely deserved.  If Tiramisu is your Achilles heel, then La Laterna will undoubtedly re-set the bar for you, but you’ll be blown away by the fabulous selection of Italian desserts available.

The Brasserie on George Square

If you’re after a touch of class and some traditional Scottish dishes, the Brasserie on George Square is definitely worth checking out. The restaurant is a conservatory-style setting built on the side of a listed building. With its large glass windows surrounding diners, the Brasserie is the perfect place to relax and people-watch with a cocktail, or if you really feel like pushing the boat out, opt for a glass of champagne and dine in true style.

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