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How to Buy a Dumbwaiter with Childproofing in Mind

4th Mar 2013

The installation of a dumbwaiter can prove to be a huge boon to busy parents who live in multistory homes, especially the parents of young children. These machines quickly transport cargo like groceries, firewood, laundry or general miscellanea – this gives parents the chance to focus on helping the more precious cargo (the little ones) up the stairs with care.

Dumbwaiters are also extremely helpful for parents who are still expecting a bundle of joy, sparing a pregnant mom the dangerous chore of carrying heavy loads up or down the steps. Your family will never outgrow the general usefulness and convenience of the dumbwaiter, and the addition can even improve home value in the eyes of an older buyer.

Of course, parents are right to be concerned about the issue of childproofing. Older dumbwaiters did not include the advanced features that modern manufacturers consider standard. This quick guide will help you understand the childproofing features available on modern dumbwaiters so that you can choose a model that fits your family.

Childproof Features Every Dumbwaiter Should Have

The vast majority of modern dumbwaiters are childproof by design but it never hurts to confirm the most important features with the manufacturer before purchase. Make sure the following three features are included with or available for the model you want to install:

1. Auto-locking drive: lift will not move until all dumbwaiter doors are closed.

2. Sealed hoist way: small fingers cannot fit in the gap between the car and dumbwaiter shaft.

3. Childproof access panel: control panels require pass code or key to activate.

Family-Friendly Features beyond Basic Childproofing

Childproofing is extremely important but fireproofing is also a very big concern. Professional contractors who are well-versed in residential fire code should have no problem with this task – but do not settle for bare minimums. Request that your dumbwaiter shaft be installed with the highest quality fireproofing available and insist that the dumbwaiter cart and doors are held to the same top standard.

You will definitely rest easier at night knowing that youngsters cannot access the dumbwaiter or shaft, but those parental concerns do not always end at safety. It pays to invest in a model with a very quiet motor so that early morning or late night operation will not disturb anybody’s peaceful sleep. You can install a quiet dumbwaiter as close to the bedrooms as necessary, or save money and install a slightly louder one a little further away.

For a great example of a dumbwaiter that plays well with children, we suggest looking at the feature set of the Ameriglide dumbwaiter. These are manufactured with the highest degree of safety in mind, and boast a whisper-quiet motor for convenient operation. Read through the owner’s manual for a quick run-through of the safety measures necessary for family-friendly operation. This is a great standard to use when considering any particular lift.

Are you excited about your new dumbwaiter installation? If you are looking at brand-new models, you should have no trouble finding a childproof design – family friendly dumbwaiters are everywhere. Proper installation and routine maintenance will ensure that your lift remains family friendly over the generations, so take your time and make an investment that you’ll love to use every day.

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