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How to Combat Rising Travel Costs Throughout London

16th Dec 2012

Travelling around London has always been an adventure, and something that can either be a pleasure, or a nightmare. The public transport system has improved a huge amount over the years; however, this has come at a cost to everyone.  If I am to achieve my goal of saving 10K this year, I think I am going to have to be resourceful with my travelling plans.

With rising fuel costs and budgets being stretched to the maximum, cost of travel is set to increase again this year. This makes my heart sink as I have to get around London on a regular basis, for school runs, work and even simple leisure activities. Therefore, I need to look at alternatives, and discover where I can save money on fares.

Bus and tubes may have to be restricted

The government has announced that from January, the fares for bus and tubes will go up by 4.2%, which is a huge increase. The report on outlines the plans for the increase in fares and has been attacked by many. The thought of paying more to travel throughout London is not good, as my goal to save 10K is dependent on me spending less.

This may mean that I have to dust off the bike, and use it more for shorter journeys, which will also help me to keep fit. There are downsides to the bike though, and travelling this way is not always practical, but it is a start. If I can cut back on some of the journeys I take on the tube, I will save money.

Walking is an option

Thankfully I enjoy walking, and there are many benefits to spending time with the girls walking around London. I have discovered that for short journeys walking is often the best method, and will always take the same amount of time. As long as you plan your route, and do not stop to window shop, it can be the fastest way to travel.

I have found that walking can help to clear my head, and provides me with the time to work out how else I will save money this year. It is also helping with the goal to keep fit, and ensure that the girls and I are out and about as a family. The girls are learning that walking is fantastic for the planet, and by reducing our carbon footprint, we are helping the planet.

There are savings to be found

I have discovered that it is not all doom and gloom, and there are several different ways that you can save money when using the public transport throughout the city. The Oyster card is fantastic if you intend to travel a lot around the city, and will provide brilliant savings.

There are also travel cards, and commuter cards, which you can purchase for the year; these will guarantee that you save money. As with everything planning is essential, and although I intend to use the buses and tubes less this year, there will always be times when I need to with the girls.

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