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How To Create A Family-Orientated Kitchen Space

18th Jul 2013

As the title suggests, this article is about applying a little love to your kitchen. The kitchen is after all the hub of the home and it’s often where many homeowners will choose to spend the majority of their time. Without the correct set-up, this room can quickly become chaotic; especially in the morning when everyone is rushing to school or work.


There are a number of ways you can build a timeless kitchen that is as practical as it is comfortable. One of these ways includes having a good sort out. We’re all prone to creating a bit of little household clutter every now and then and when it comes to a cramped kitchen, it’s important to utilise every inch wisely. Investing in a number of storage solutions is a good idea and throwing out what you haven’t used for years is a great way to clear up some much-needed space.


If you live in a busy household, planning is key. Making sure there is enough time for breakfast is a great way to ensure less chaos in the mornings whilst giving yourself enough time to make dinner will mean eating at a reasonable time in the evenings.

It is also wise to do a weekly shop at the beginning of the week and one that involves a clear plan of meals, otherwise you may end up forgetting that all-important ingredient.

Invest In Clever Appliances

Clever kitchen appliances are an asset to the household. The likes of rice cookers, blenders, and coffee machines have all been designed to make life a lot easier. Even appliances like dehydrators are of immense help in the kitchen. You can use parchment paper in a dehydrator to slowly remove the water from edibles (if you are wondering how can you use parchment paper in a dehydrator, then consider checking out Dehydrated Foodz). This will leave them dry. The process of dehydration can help preserve the foodstuffs with a much longer shelf life and retain much of their nutritional value. Nowadays, many homeowners are known to use this appliance in the kitchen to avoid buying groceries daily. So, you can buy this one if you are interested.

Besides this, I’ll also recommend a Tassimo coffee machine to every homeowner. Instead of waiting for the kettle to boil, simply choose a T-Disc, insert it into the machine and press go. Not only does the appliance cut out the middleman but with a variety of styles available there’s certainly one to suit the trends of most kitchens today. If, however, you want to save time and make it an automated process, you could consider looking at some of the best built in machines to fit into your kitchen. That could be a permanent solution to brew various, quality coffee drinks at the drop of a hat.

Give Everything A Home

If everyone in the household knows where each knife, fork, cup and appliance lives, you’ll spend less time searching through draws and cupboards when it comes to retrieving that one item. Once you’ve finished with the item in question, it’s wise to wash it and put it straight back otherwise you’ll end up cluttering up each and every workstation. This will also make the weekly clean up a lot more time-consuming.

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