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How to Find A Good Personal Tutor For Your Kids

26th Jul 2013

I wasn’t really pleased when my children’s grades started falling and they were not really performing to their expectations. After thorough research I decided to get them a personal tutor to see if he would turn things around. This was the best decision I ever made in my life not only did their grades improve but they also got more interested in their studies where I would not have to push them to do anything since they always have the initiative to do well when it comes to their school work. Some of the things you need to look out for to get a good personal tutor include:

Expertise and experience

The personal tutor I got was very understanding and it was obvious that he had the expertise and knowledge that was needed to handle small kids to achieve great results. He took time to talk to them and find out what were their strong areas as well as weak areas. He also came up with creative and interesting techniques that were used to study so that the children were always interested in their studies and always looked forward to having their sessions with the tutor something that really surprised me a lot because I did not really think that it would amount to this.

Charges and commitment

He also did not charge expensive rates meaning that we did not have to dig deep into our pockets for the children to enjoy his tutoring services. Tutor David that we found works with Tutoring for Excellence in Sydney. Something else that I really liked about him is the fact that he was always punctual and never at one time did we have any complains about him. This goes to show that he really has a passion for his job and is committed. He is also really good with kids, one of the features that made my children love him so much to the extent that we consider him part of the family.

Knowledge and personality

The tutor was well versed with the syllabus that the children were using at school and always comes prepared for the lessons to ensure that no time is wasted. We also found it useful that we decided to interview him before hiring him. This gave us a chance to talk to him face to face to get to know more about his personality and also get to know how he would react when faced with various situations. We also let him spend a little time with the kids to know how he was around them. This way, even when he was to be left alone with the kids we would still be at peace.

I also loved the fact that I would check on the tutor as often as I would like and everything was in place all along. The fact that he also has great listening skills was incredible for the children because they could be able to talk freely with him to come up with solutions for their school work.

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