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How To Find The Best Flooring For Your Home

14th Jul 2015

Flooring is a key element in any home, seeing as it literally makes up the ground that people walk on. It’s one of those choices that people really struggle with, especially those who are building their first home, because there are a lot of them. Some might get pretty overwhelmed at first, but it always comes down to personal choice, budget and practicality.

Here are three of the most popular types of flooring for you to have an idea of your choices:


Linoleum flooring is one of the most popular flooring types, since it gives you that marble finish. You’ll probably see this often in entryways, dining areas or hallways. It makes a house look cold and modern, and might not suit every taste. Another advantage of Linoleum is the wide variety of colors you can apply here.


Vinyl Tile

Vinyl Tile is another very popular flooring material used in homes, especially since it’s very easy to install. Those who are into DIY are most likely to be installing this particular flooring material, and you can find pre-made sets with adhesive material to help you install it yourself. It’s one of the cheapest types of flooring you can install, and it looks pretty good in certain areas of the house.

Solid Timber (Hardwood)

Solid Timber is up there with the classics. You’re see a lot of this type in all manners of homes, ranging from lower to upper class because it looks good in any set up. A huge advantage of installing Solid Timber flooring is how gracefully it ages. That, by itself, will increases the overall value of your home as time goes by, because it greatly enhances in aesthetics. Reasonable and organic maintenance, as well as investment offset makes this a popular choice for a reason.

These three are probably the best examples of what you will have to decide between when the time comes. As you can see, while they all serve the same purpose, they are all quite effective in their own ways. If interested, you might want to check out this additional example of Gypsum Floor Underlayments here. In the long run, this flooring can provide a sturdy base to your interiors.


First of all, you have to ask yourself how much of a budget you can set aside for this project. Linoleum could cost a pretty penny, and will be easy to clean, but can be slippery and might end up as a liability. Vinyl is the cheapest on the spot. Solid timber demands a higher initial investment but will last much longer than either of these materials with relatively painless maintenance. Plan ahead!

You will also definitely have to consider which parts of your home will be taken up by the flooring of your choice. If you’re going to cover the entire main building with one material, solid timber is probably the strongest choice because it looks good and will serve you well anywhere. Hence, if you’re looking to purchase quality timber, you could have a look at sites like

At the end of the day, there is no right answer. Going with classic hardwood is the safest to say, though think it through carefully, because regret will literally haunt your footsteps if you pick something you don’t like.

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