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How to Keep Vinyl Plank Flooring Clean

15th Mar 2021

Those wet months are back again where rain can last upwards of a week non-stop. It’s great for relaxing nights in and the health of our gardens.

But our flooring truly sees the challenge in cleaning up from muddy and wet footprints during this time. Those who have recently invested in luxury wood effect vinyl flooring tend to have a much easier time than those who still have carpet or hardwood floors when it comes to cleaning.

For those still using other forms of flooring, they may find plenty of time scrubbing out stains with specialist cleaning chemicals which can mount up the more the rain falls.

Vinyl flooring is designed to last for decades when cared for properly, but they still need care in keeping clean.


Dirt is commonly the biggest trespasser to your floor, so there should be measles to prevent prior to cleaning.

Placing a floor mat at the entrances of your house helps to stop dirt from being trampled into the home to a greater degree from your family members. Guests will also feel inclined to wipe their feet upon entering if they see a mat to use.

You should dedicate a couple of minutes each day to do a soft sweep of your vinyl flooring so as to ensure no builds up over the week. Make sure it’s a soft bristle brush and not a metallic bristle so that scratches do not affect the wear layer.

Choose the Recommended Cleaner

When getting down to clean your floor you may think the cheapest option is a great bargain, but it may not be suitable for your floor.

Check with the brand or supplier guidelines to see which products are safe for use as some may have harmful chemicals that could affect the wear layer or adhesive used. This could also cause discolouration of your planks if not the right product.

You can also use household items such as apple cider vinegar as a cleaning substitute due to the acidity that removes dirt and grime without the use of soaps or waxes. By mixing it with a cup of hot water and providing a quick mop, your floor can retain its glistening quality and save you some pounds on the products.

Keeping Water Minimal

When it comes time to mop the floor, it is imperative that you don’t flood the floor with too much water.

Excess moisture can wear away at vinyl’s moisture resistance if left for too long, getting into the seams, cracks and edges where it can seriously affect the adhesive and make the planks looser as a result. Also, of note is that vinyl flooring does not require waxes, so be sure to choose a sealant or polish that does not utilise wax as it does not adhere well to the floor and will make your clean-up operation harder.

Lowest price Amtico flooring has plenty of build in protective measures, but you need to ensure that they are not victim to a larger degree of threat from the things it protects against.

As with any flooring choice, the cheapest Amtico Signature flooring in the UK provides a great sense of style and grace within a home if cared for properly, with a durable product that will last the better part of three decades if shown the same care it gives.

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