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How to Select a Good Croquet Set for your Kids

18th Oct 2013

It is a difficult task to select a good Croquet set from the wide range of seats available in the market.  Hence, one should be aware of what to look for when buying a set for oneself.

History of Croquet

This is a simple and funny game.  The game involves mallets to hit balls and to gain points hoops are used.  The person will be declared the winner if he hits the winning peg or scores the set number.  The game started in the backyards of poor people and slowly took its place in royal courtyards.  The game grows as a competitive sport in the late 1970’s in U.S and Canada since then.

Who loves playing Croquet?

Croquet is played and loved by players of all ages.  It is a social game played by both Men and Women competing on equal levels.  In this sport, division exists only between the skill levels.  This game has been passed on for generations in some families.  The sets also passed on to younger generations.  Depending on the players age the Croquet set is chosen.

  • If kids are playing, choose with a short mallet shaft length, around 28 inches.
  • For smaller folks, select mallet heads close to 9 inches
  • For grownups, select a mallet head 9.8 inches.
  • For children and teens, lighter mallet heads are chosen.

Frequency of play

The quality of the set you are intending to buy can be determined by the frequency of your play.  You can buy a high quality set if you are intending to play a lot.  For the kids, buy affordable sets suitable for rough usage.  You can go for an expensive set if your skill levels are really high because, a professional will have higher needs.

Colour and Style

The croquet is available in a wide range of Colour and Style.  You can always choose a set that matches your personality.  Buying a set with stripes of suitable width and colour is a good decision.  You can pick a suitable matching colour of Mallet and ball.

Price of Croquet

If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive sets, the sets as low as $30 are available.  But if you are not ready to compromise on quality, then it is better to buy expensive ones.

  1. If you are playing quite frequently, and skill levels are high go for a higher-quality professional set.
  2. If you play with family, then go for a good-quality set that doesn’t cost much like a professional set.
  3. Premium quality sets are designed for professionals to adhere championship regulations.
  4. Backyard sets come in 8 player and 4 player option.  Choose depending on your requirement.
  5. Choose kids set for children.


Now after reading this post you know how to look for a good set.  So go and make your purchase and have fun in playing with your family, friends or as a professional.

Author Bio:

I am an amateur player of Croquet.  I discovered the game in the year 1995 summer, in the University. I enjoyed this interesting and competitive sport.  This is one of the exciting activities that kept me busy throughout the summer.  The game is so fun to play with friends and family.  The game can be made interesting by inviting a number of players.  The little ones of the family really enjoy the sport.

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