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Infographic Reveals History of Online Bingo

28th Jan 2013

A recently published infographic over at the online bingo portal of showcases the history of one of the most popular pastimes, that of internet bingo. The popularity of playing bingo online has grown so fast over the last decade, that most people tend to forget that it all started over two hundred years ago when bingo hit the UK market after spreading across continental Europe. With over 4 million players in the UK, most of which are women, the industry has grown into an £800 million behemoth, overtaking the likes of poker, casino and sports betting.

While most players tend to play online bingo games because they stand a very good chance of winning some really healthy jackpots, a number of players love the social interaction that online bingo sites offer. In more recent times, players have found it incredibly affordable and a cheap way to chat to their friends from across the UK, because numerous websites offer a no deposit bingo bonus which becomes available when a player registers an account. This is an amazing and a free method so they can join the chat rooms and speak to their buddies without having to make a deposit using their own money.

But there is no way that anyone could have predicted how immensely popular UK bingo would become, as today, 50% of avid bingo players tend to play at least once a day. Another reason that can be attributed to the increase of new bingo sites, has to do with the fact that the average age of player is now only 38 years old, which makes great business sense to target as a niche market.

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