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A Master’s Guide To Baby Photography

13th Dec 2016

Taking photographs of newborn babies is a fantastic way to document how quickly the special little ones are changing and growing up. Arrange a photo shoot for the baby so that the photos can be made into an album and shared with the entire family.


A professional shoot is a fantastic way to capture a special moment. This is an opportunity to dress the baby up and capture some stylised shots, whether that is against a colourful backdrop indoors or outside in the fields and next to rivers. Why not shop around to see what different photography companies have to offer? Click here for baby photography.

On a day-to-day basis, it can be extremely rewarding to capture photographs of babies as they are doing things such as playing or sleeping. However, taking photographs of babies is not the easiest of skills, so there are a few things to learn. Read on in order to find out some of the tricks of the trade.

Mix Up Action Shots With Portraits

Initially, most of the photographs that are taken of the baby are portraits because the baby is relatively immobile. Choose portrait shots of special occasions, such as the baby meeting their grandparents for the first time. Portraits are a good way to highlight how the baby is gradually changing over time.

Action shots will become more common when the baby starts to become more mobile. Newborn photography in Perth will become more interesting for the parents once a few months have gone by. Popular action shots include babies playing with the household cat or being in the garden for the first time.

Take Lots Of Nursing Shots

Sometimes it can be difficult to take the right shot of newborns because they are constantly moving their head and limbs around. Nursing shots allow parents to take quality photographs whilst the baby is being held steady.

Nursing shots are an effective way to create memorable shots because they capture a very tender moment between the baby and the person who is holding them. Nursing shots also allow the photographer to get a clear shot of the baby’s face without any swaddling in the way.

Get Low Down

Taking photographs of the baby whilst the baby is lying down in its cot will be enhanced by the photographer getting lower down in order to create a sense of intimacy.

Look Out For Happy Moments

The textbook image of a baby always shows them to be happy and gurgling. This sounds like a photographer’s dream. However, in reality, it can be much harder to capture happy moments because babies spend more of their time crying in discomfort because they are either hungry or need to have their nappy changed. Always be on the lookout for happy moments, so have the camera nearby.

Happy moments can be created by waving a toy in the baby’s line of vision. This should momentarily calm them down or cause them to break out in a smile. Once this happens they can be successfully photographed.

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