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Pay a Little More to Get a Lot More Home Insurance Cover

29th Jan 2014

We all do our best to get the best deal we can on everything we buy these days – and insurance is no exception. But there are some options on home insurance where you can choose to pay a small amount more per month in order to get a lot more cover overall.

It’s so easy to get new insurance quotes online today, especially if you use a site like igo4 so you only have to input your details once in order to get a range of different insurance products. When you look for new home insurance quotes, you’ll see that some insurers include the following options in the initial quote offered, but you can always opt to take them off the insurance policy so that you reduce the total price. However, it’s worth considering what you might lose in terms of cover first. You can also look directly at company websites, like to see if there are any deals or offers available. It might be that if you have car and home insurance policies with the same company, they can offer you some sort of bundle, making it a little more affordable for you.

Home emergency

This is the cover you wish you had when you have a boiler breakdown or there is a need to upgrade the oil tank (maybe with the help of Green Seal Oil Tank Service or the likes) on the deadliest of winter days. The home emergency cover provides for a tradesman to come and assess the damage within a really short timeframe. It also covers the costs of the labour and parts to repair the problem, up to a ceiling amount.

Accidental damage

This is always a handy one to have if you have toddlers or older children in the house who tend to get into everything that they aren’t supposed to. Nutella sandwiches in the DVD player, or a smartphone dropped into the fish tank? That’s what accidental damage cover is for – those little accidents caused by members of the household that result in costly damage.

Personal possessions

You may not be aware that most contents’ insurance only covers items while they are in your home. So, if you lose your video camera while you’re out, your contents’ insurance won’t cover it unless you have opted to have personal possessions cover added to your policy. With this, anything you lose while out and about will be covered too.

Deciding whether to have these extras on a home insurance policy is down to individual choice. Only you know what your realistic risk is, and of course, you also have to weigh up when it’s worth putting in a claim or not, as each claim will also affect the next year’s premiums.

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